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Yes my mother gets it too both diarrhea and the incontinence. Learned a few foods she can't eat salsa anything too spicy and anything too sweet like cake icing she immediately has an accident and several after. Also certain coffee creamers. We also caught her eating stuff off the floor or when she sits outside(i.e rocks, dirt, China berries) drinking soap contact solution, which we think also contributes to it. We have to keep all liquid items out of her reach. We didn't even realize she had been drinking the things she was until we notice the were becoming empty fast with no use.
Mike Gamble

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Hi Michelle,

Is your mother living with you? From what you said, I'm guessing that she is and has developed some form of dementia.

I strongly recommend that she be evaluated by a geriatric care manager. A care manager can assess your mother’s needs and develop a plan of care, subject to approval by your mother’s physician, and recommend the most appropriate living arrangement for her. This health care professional, typically a nurse or social worker, can also arrange, monitor, or coordinate long-term care services. You can find more information at the Aging Life Care Association website. 

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Originally Posted by Lynn
I haven't posted any updates here for a long time, but now I have new nfo.  My mom was still at 75% with the soy yogurt & chia seeds until February 2014.  At the start of February, she began taking Probiotics Advantage (not extra strength) by Dr. David Williams.  She is 100% cured now.  It's been 4 months so I think it's safe to state that.  She even switched to the more economical and tasty Dannon regular yogurt.  She can handle it now.  She is still eating the yogurt with chia seeds, but she can only eat an amount that is equal to 1/2 of a little Yoplait.  That might be one of the reasons she stayed at 75%.  I couldn't get her to eat a whole carton a day. The Probiotics Advantage are pricey, but if you order through their catalog with auto-reorder, it's way cheaper.  My mom said she paid about $49 for two bottles, 90 pills in each.  Finally, after all of these years, we have resolved this terrible problem.  She can go anywhere she wants now at any time.  Thank you God!  (She doesn't stay away from wheat gluten anymore, but she stays away from milk products, except for the yogurt.)  I sure hope this helps someone else out there. 

Update:  Well, it's been 4 years. My mom is 96 now. The yogurt and chia seeds, along with the probiotics from Dr. Williams, are continuing to work. My mom drinks and eats whatever she wants, including regular milk and regular yogurt. A couple of months ago, she decided that she was tired of the yogurt, fruit and chia seeds concoction, so I sat back and waited. Well, within about 2 1/2 weeks, the diarrhea returned. She is now back to eating yogurt and chia seeds. I put in just a few berries and a few slices of banana. Her appetite is much much smaller now so I have reduced the fruit. She's back on track I'm very happy to report. She even takes Senna every day to fight constipation. This forum is very old, but this deserved an update nonetheless.
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