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When my mother came home from rehab she was taking a pile os $hit and was either severely constipated or running like a faucet. I got rid of it all. She eats live cultured yogurt every night with 2 small teaspoons of Chia seed . It works well.

Here is a article on treating you mother's problem with Chia
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With the distinct overwhelming odor, she may be fighting c-diff.  this is especially true if she has been treated with strong antibiotics shortly before this began. 


She (and you) may also benefit from probiotics that are not with dairy products. It is an odd thing that lactose intolerance can come on suddenly late in life..if so, she would also be very gassy. Otherwise I would recommend adding a very high quality greek yogurt or a good kefir to her diet..If she is already using yogurt, consider that she might not be able to consume dairy any more..


Another possibility are the "protein" drinks..Ensure and the like...more than one has diarrhea as a response to them..they have artificial flavors/sweeteners..Mom couldn't tolerate them and we made our own smoothies.


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Nancy2 and others, I swear by Metamucil - 1 Tablespoon mixed in a glass of water before breakfast and before dinner.

My mother has had trouble with constipation--enemas, laxatives, stool softeners... ever since I can remember.

In her mid 80's, she became increasingly unable to wipe herself correctly. No matter how much we tried to clean her up, she still ended up with UTI's.  

Then in her late 80's, she began having episodes of explosive diarrhea. What a mess. Down her legs, all over the back of the toilet...

Since the stool softener wasn't helping with her constipation, I started giving her Metamucil night and morning and lo and behold, it did the trick.

I'm not sure how it works, but it seems to give sufficient substance to her stools that she is able to have regular bowel movements without the need for stool softeners.

As an added bonus, there have been no more episodes of explosive diarrhea. 

I use the regular kind, not the artificially sweetened Metamucil. 

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my mother has a colostomy bag and we have to deal with very loose stool when it happens we give he about 4to 6 oz of blackberry juice and or mashed bananas with a little sugar mixed with it over a slice of white bread and to get the blackberry juice i take frozen blackberry and cook them on the stove  with some water and a cup of sugar and then run everything though  food sieve and just give some of the juice   they also say applesauce will check water stool

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The Metamucil that you it the flavorless kind then?

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Wow, these old threads just keep coming back to haunt me! I can't believe this was 3 years ago! Makes me shudder to read these old messages and remember what I was dealing with back then when I was in the thick of it.

My mom has been in a nursing home for 19 months now, and I am so very happy I no longer have to deal with these problems! Now the staff has to deal with it. When she went in, they automatically started giving her stuff for constipation. They learned real quick to stop that!

Good luck to those still dealing with it.

My mom did take metamucil at that time as well, I remember it did not help her.

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Metamucil and Benefiber were not that great for my mother either. I recall my old bowel shopping list, giant containers of the aforementioned, senna, milk of magnesia, stool softeners, lactulose, dieter's tea, prunes, prune and plum juice, with and without added fiber. Insane making.
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Use the orange flavored kind. I should mention, I use a heaping tablespoon not a leveled one.

Also, the reason I don't use the artificially sweetened kind is that I think some artificially sweetened candy caused her to have diarrhea in the past. Some months ago I switched to a powdered stevia (plant based) sweetener instead of Equal and within a week it seemed she could remember just a tad better. Like she could remember where the bathroom, something she had not been able to do in over a year. 

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Artificial sweeteners are neuro toxins .
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Insanity, thank you for mentioning the difference you can see in your mom since you eliminated Equal from her diet.

Artificial sweeteners like Equal also have drug interactions
Care giver Suzie
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The people who have the really nasty smelling diarrhea that goes on for long peiods...they may have c-diff, look it up, it can be treated now with healthy would well be worth checking out.
The original random diarrhea Mom...we are going through a similar experience with a resident in our care home and her Dr.'s can't figure it out.  If we find something out I will share...this has been very helpful for me to read, thanks.
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Sadly, my mom (the original random diarrhea mom) is now days away from death in Hospice, so this is no longer a problem for me. But if you do find an answer Care Giver Suzie, be sure to share it. I know others will be grateful!
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Wow...just read this thread and it squashed my previous theory, wherein I thought just about all old people got incontinent stools...that it was just a fact of aging.  My mom will do exactly as in the original post, go several days no probs, then once or twice in a day not make it to the bathroom in time.  Once she had "an accident" in the grocery store...embarrassing for all of us!  She says she feels the urge, but as soon as she moves to the bathroom, whoops there it is!  I feel extremely fortunate that even at 90, she still can clean herself up, though I've had to scrub the carpet in her bedroom more than once.  I blame at least part of these incidents on's always worse when she's planning on going somewhere new, or somewhere she'd rather not (i.e. doctor) and she gets nervous or excited, but alot of the time she's at home with no reason at all.  I don't follow what she eats particularly, though she does drink alot of milk and dairy.  Guess I'll have to pay more attention on that!
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Many older people have wiped out all their friendly gut bacteria when they took antibiotics. They need to build it back up with probiotics. 

Also older people do not get enough healthy fiber. They need the bulk and they need pectin for smooth movement, apples are obviously a good source of this as are Chia seeds. 

When my mother adheres to eating yogurt with Chia seeds for dinner every night, all her plumbing works fine. When she misses a few days she is right back on the constipation/ diarrhea train.

So it isn't necessarily dairy, but the kind of dairy. 

Also check out bread, if you can not go gluten free, eat Pepperidge Farm, it is one of the few mfg who make bread products with unbromated flour. 
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My poor mom.  She's 90 and has been dealing with this diarrhea/constipation thing for about 3 years.  I took her to a specialist and the little thing had to go through a colonoscopy.  She had some pollups removed, but she didn't get any help with the diarrhea.  She was tested for a parasite too.  She does the Immodium thing, and her doctor gave her some probiotics.  Nothing is working.  She flip-flops back and forth with the problem.  I got her to switch to soy milk, but she still drinks cream in her coffee.  She eats cheese, wheat products and red meat as well.  I am going to try the chia seeds with yogurt.  Next, I'll beg her to pass on the cream.  I thought the cheese would help bind her up, but it doesn't.  I will try to get her to stop that and all milk products temporarily as well.  If neither of those work, then I'll move her to a gluten free diet.  She will hate that, but I guess it's worth a try. I'm glad I found this site.  Maybe, a cure is posted here.
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