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Sad Acorn
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The people who have the really nasty smelling diarrhea that goes on for long peiods...they may have c-diff, look it up, it can be treated now with healthy would well be worth checking out.

My mother caught this in the hospital. She retired at 82 in August a few years ago, and fell and broke her hip the very next month.  She had a new hip in two days and was walking the halls and doing great in no time.. then she caught C.diff. She was so sick from the C.diff. that it wiped out her system.  She had a number of ailments when she died the following year, but the worst was the C.diff because it kept coming back everytime she went into a facility.  It can develop because of antibiotics, but it's very contagious to anyone who's health is weak.

I'm so glad to learn they can treat it now.
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I ordered Chia seeds yesterday, but I found out last night that my mom does not tolerate yogurt either.  Does anyone know of an alternate tasty way of taking the Chia seeds, a smoothie with soy milk & fruit maybe?  Will the seeds work without yogurt?  Since those seeds expand in the intestines, wouldn't it be better to eat the seeds without liquid?

Now that I know about my mom's intolerance to yogurt, I'm really starting to wonder if her problem is as a result of her lactose intolerance.  Maybe I should get her to take the Chia seeds and have her lay off all other milk products as well.  Her stopping the cow's milk a while back was a good thing, but it looks like she needs to stop the ice cream, cheese and cream too.  Any input is appreciated.
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It can be frustrating and depressing. I have been dealing with the same thing. My Mother turned 88 in June and 6 weeks ago she started with the diarrhea. It started with loose, runny brown stuff once a day. Then after about a week it went to a mucky yellow foul smelling mass of molten lava...I mean tons of it.

We thought at first it was an impaction and the loose watery feces was just passing over impacted constipation, which can happen to older people. Well there was no impaction and the diarrhea seen to let up for a couple of days then it returned. It has been various colors and consistencies for the last 4 weeks.

Her Dr. gave her a strong antibiotic (Flagyl) for possible C-diff and we did a culture from a sample. The culture came back negative. Blood work--all normal. The home health nurse has been coming every week and checking her vitals--all normal. I have had her on a 20 billionAcidophilus probiotic for a month. Diarrhea still continues.

She started taking Vitamin B12 tabs (once a day) and B12 injections (once every 2 weeks) back when this started. I read last night that B12 and Niacin B3 can cause diarrhea so I stopped it today, I also have her on a B.R.A.T. diet--Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast and some Jell-o every now and then and stared on anti-dihedral meds, but the diarrhea episodes still happens 3-5 times a day.

I am at my wits end in trying so many different remedies and exhausted both physically and mentally. I have come to the conclusion that it is just an "old" thing that happens and not much can be done. You guys are not alone, I feel your pain.
Jan to Vince
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I find it hard enough to cope with the "random" side of this problem but I can't imagine how you are able to cope with your Mum's situation; apart from trying to keep on top of all the cleaning etc., and keeping your house "fresh", your Mum must be incredibly uncomfortable and sore at this stage.   I've never heard of diarrhoea lasting this long without a diagnosis; what does the Doctor think about it now?   There are enough home remedies and "old wive's tales" to fill volumes and I'm sure you've heard most of them by now so I'm not going there, I just hope that the Doctor is taking a serious look at your Mum and that he can find a solution.   You both deserve it.   Good luck to you.   Jan.
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Please try Chia seeds mixed with a good probiotic yogurt. You have to re-balance the bacteria in the gut. This mixture does this.
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My dad has this in memory care and besides yogurt, he was helped by a prescription powder( can't recall name now, they mix in drink, thats suppose to help cholesterol, though dad doesnt have high cholest. it works on this as well) but it helped with the loose stool.
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For my sister who has IBS, check with doc if your elder might have that, what worked ironically as suggested by her gastroenterologist was Metamucil or fiber mixes. One would think that would make one more loose, but not so.
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Excuse all the posts, just thought of another idea, but first the doc ordered test, done right at the memory care home- to check for bacteria in the feces that was found clear. Luckily we found doctor who goes right to the home or that would be a nightmare. Agree about overtesting in elders but this one might be worthy and non invasive.
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We finally received the back-ordered organic chia seeds so we're just getting started on this idea. Even though the last word was that my mother couldn't tolerate yogurt, I went to buy it anyway.  I was shocked to see that Silk has a soy yogurt!  It's pricey at $3, but if my mom has any problem with the regular Dannon, then I am going to go that route.  I thought some others may like to know that there's an option now for lactose intolerant parents. 
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To summarize some of the things I've read here and other places...


-Chia Seed

-Lactose free (or low lactose diet) - My Dad now uses lactaid mik and lactaid ice cream (he had/has a lot of dairy in his diet)

-Pills to add healthy bacteria to the digestive system (there are a few different brands)

-BRAT Diet: Broth, Rice, Apple Sauce, Toast (is how I learned it)

-Make sure ther is enough fiber in the diet

Personal notes:

Chia seed can be put into many things besides yogurt. It depends on what the person likes to eat. I tried it in applesauce and even put it in pancakes and muffins.

I believe that the more starchy items you have in the diet the more liquid it will absorb, but that's just a personal theory.

I'm not sure what finally worked with my Dad. I tried it all. He was going back and forth between diarreah and constipation. Atlhough no doctor ever conclusively diagnosed him, I believe there was some sort of blockage at some point. Possibly C-diff before that.

When he visited the GI doctor he was in the constipation part of his roller coaster. They suggested he take Miralax before bed and eat Metamucil cookies during the day. He does seem to be back on track finally.

I have kept him on a primarily lactose free diet for over a month. Now we are slowly re-introducing some things back into his diet. Very slowly, so that if anything changes, we will be able to recognize the cause.

His diet consists of Cheerios (with lactaid milk) and a bowl of fruit every morning.
A sandwich on flatbread most afternoons.
And then some type of meat, chicken, pork or fish with veggies at dinnertime. Sometimes he has potatoes or sweet potatoes. He nixed rice for a while, but now that he's sick of the veggies we may be adding rice back into his diet sometimes.


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When I told my mother to put the chia seeds in her smoothie or in yogurt, I realized that it was not the correct way to take the chia seeds. When I read the Ehow nfo again, I realized that the chia seeds should not go in any liquid for this problem.  I suggested to my mom to measure out 2 tsp. to 1 Tbsp of the chia seeds and then sprinkle a little bit at a time in her cereal as she ate.  If she wanted to put it on her yogurt, smoothie or toast, then to sprinkle the seeds as she ate or drank.  In that way, the chia seeds would do the soaking up of her excess liquid in her body and not the liquid in her food or drink.  The whole concept of the chia seeds is to soak up the excess liquid in the body causing the watery stools.  I also suggested that she not eat the seeds in the evening since they are an energy food.  

Now, as for the yogurt, I understand the purpose of eating yogurt is to get probiotics into the body so I suggested she eat yogurt every day.  Again, if she can't tolerate the yogurt, then we'll move onto the Silk soy yogurt.  

Wendy - If the flatbread you're giving your dad is the nice little round things with the holes all over, they have wheat gluten added into the flour. They cause me all sorts of stomach troubles.  I can eat the gluten that comes naturally from wheat and other grains, but if that additive called "wheat gluten" is in the bread, it tears me up.  I don't get my mother's problem, but my stomach sure doesn't accept any products made like that.  
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When my mom came out of rehab Oct 2011 she was either severely constipated or had runny stools. It took less than a few days on the yogurt Chia seeds combination to get her bowels normalized again. As to mixing in the Chia, it was done just as my mother was about to eat the yogurt. If done prior to eating it, the Chia does absorb liquid from the yogurt making it hard and imo unpleasant to consume.

I think the efficacy of the Chia comes from its ability to create mucilage (apples do this, too, with pectin) that helps to gently lubricate and clean the bowel and in doing this restores the bowel's natural function. The yogurt, helps too with friendly bacteria.

For us the Chia has been wonderful. I was able to clear shelves of unnecessary drugstore cures and patent medications.

When my mother was dying in hospice, she told all the staff about Chia, because despite having Parkinson's Disease ( she died from this) the Chia kept her regular, which is remarkable.
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I think the efficacy of the Chia comes from its ability to create mucilage (apples do this, too, with pectin) that helps to gently lubricate and clean the bowel and in doing this restores the bowel's natural function. The yogurt, helps too with friendly bacteria.  There are enough home remedies and "old wive's tales" to fill volumes and I'm sure you've heard most of them by now so I'm not going there, I just hope that the Doctor is taking a serious look at your Mum and that he can find a solution. 
I'm going to add this link to the ones you might want to check out, too: HEART It does a nice job breaking down what exactly it is, what can cause it, how to deal with it, etc.
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You might want to read this to gain more insight into the bowel.

My dad, who had CHF, PAD, colon cancer, lung disease, etc was treated by many doctors. He took a vast amount of medications. Nothing got rid of his C-diff. Nothing the medical profession offerred him helped with his bed sores, because his body was breaking down. He was past the point of no return.

He was imo a ruination from years of mal-nutrition, he ate well, but it is very likely due to a bowel imbalance that he was not absorbing vitamins and minerals. I know for a fact he could not manufacture "intrinsic factor." I wish I knew about Chia and Greek yogurt back in the 70's when he was in constant stomach distress.

Doctors are marvelous for trauma and critical situations, but they are not trained in nutrition, which is unfortunate because some issues can be controlled or cured via the inclusion or exclusion of certain foods.
Healing the gut is the beginning of health.
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