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My 87 year old mother was recently taken off of Ativan and it's like she has awoken from a coma.  While on Ativan, everyone (except me) thought she had dementia.  The delirium my Mom experienced while on the drug mimicked Dementia.  I was even told by siblings to shut the F up about drugs because they all thought I was in denial about her having dementia.  She would hallucinate, call out names of dead relatives, pace in the evening time, couldn't carry on a conversation w/out extreme confusion.

Now she is off Ativan and we have her back.  Suddenly I hear crazed things, oh her dementia got better.  NO, her delirium caused by the Ativan got better!  There are no more hallucinations or pacing and she carries on wonderful conversations.  It makes me wonder how many elderly people have gone to their graves w/ the label of dementia when all along it could have been delirium caused by medication, lack of sleep, pain, and all the things that cause delirium.

Only my daughter has come to me and said, good job Mom, you were right.  I'm so happy to have my Mom back and am so angry at the ones that were so insistent it was dementia and willing to give up on my Mom.
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I have been reading these posts, and find them very interesting. My dad is 93. Is in assisted living due to a broken hip in January.he was very depressed, and thought his life was over.. he was put on low dose zoloft 50 mg in march. Then was put on ativan .25mg 3 times a day to help with his OCD and panic attacks while swallowing during meals.this helped quite a bit. My concern now is that its December and he is still on it... is actually very pleasant and funny, but I'm wondering if his "vascular dementia" is really from the ativan. I would like to eliminate his noon dose, but is that too much of a decrease?thanks for any help, lin
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This is something you really need to discuss with his physician, Lin.
Teri-Williston, ND
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Unbelievable, thank u all for your stories and thank The Lord that we, (those of us who stuck to our guns & did'nt let "them" stick our parents on an iceberg for the polar bears to lunch on)!! My mother was prescribed 120 1mg tabs per month, auto refills for 6 months. She'd go through them in 3 weeks until one day she had fallen, crawling on her stomach to get help; & yes. Major confusion, loss of appetite & any or all past interests, 2 car accidents she just drove away from-did'nt feel a thing! Long story short, after they decided she has dementia...the bank froze her accounts, we were told to sell her house, car, etc asap because Medicaid won't kick in till she's basically penniless. Meanwhile the hospital is charging her $300 per day out of pocket because "there's nothing physically wrong with her"! All the years of paying out the a_s for BCBS? Notta! Medicare? NNNO! BUT...i'm taking her home tomorrow because after coming down HARD for a month now, they did'nt wean her, she's 83 & her withdrawal resembled coming off heroin, she's back!!!! I am so grateful for everyone who helped save my mom's life and God, i'll never take her for granted again.
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