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MIL has regular checkups with her cardiologist. She's been complaining that her leg pain is getting worse, but won't bother to go see the nurse at the AL about it .

I assume the leg pain is likely to be due to her worsening CHF. Or maybe she just needs something different to complain about - we're never sure.

Anyone dealing with CHF in their elder who's been through this? She's not due to see the doc for another month.
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My mom had terrible leg pain due to low potassium; caused by lasix doses for fluid retention.  She took potassium and it got better quickly.

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Dad complains constantly of leg pain too! He reckons it keeps him awake at night and then of course, he sleeps most of the day so how could he sleep at night anyway - it's a vicious circle! He has been taking meds for fluid retention - edema - in his ankles and feet, and I am sure the pain has started since he has been taking it.But he has to take it! It was a bit better(and so was the swelling) when I could get him outside for a walk every day but now he just wants to stay in bed.
So he whines all day about his pain and is driving me nuts!
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Why does this have to be for elder care; one can have severe leg pain and CHF.  I am 61 y.o. and have CHF with never ending leg pain, and whomever is having this symptom and you feel they are whining and complaining; trust me they are not; it is very real and annoying and uncomfortable to sleep with(as it keeps you awake at night), so try to be a bit more sympathetic and do not judge, nor criticize this person until you have experienced it yourself.  I know, I am living it!

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Just our experience only...
My mom was on diuretics for hypertension/CHF...and was on presc.-strength potassium the last several years.  Without enough potassium, she'd have leg-pain.
If I understand correctly, diuretics 'flush'-out essential minerals, etc.
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Is your mom on statin drugs?

My mom's leg pain was helped by taking CoQ 10 supplements. Statins can cause depletion of CoQ 10
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sorry, michelle, I wasn't trying to put down anyone's pain. I'm sorry that you're hurting. I've had chronic pain of other types and I know how awful it can be, especially when people don't take you seriously.

It's just that my MIL has a history of lying and blowing things way out of proportion, so sometimes it's hard to know when to believe her. And if she doesn't have something real to complain about, she has been known to make something up.

It very likely could be a potassium thing - I know her potassium was all messed up months ago when she was in the hospital. I'll try to get her to see the nurse about it.
rosie(for michelle)
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I don't say that dad imagines his pain, but I was brought up by my mother to not mention any discomfort.If someone asked her how she was, she would always say she was fine.
I know dad has pain but all he can do for it is take painkillers. I have had severe pain at times too, but I don't mention it to people, I deal with it. This pain he has is part of his old age condition and the best thing he can do is try to distract himself by doing something, reading or watching tv, but he dwells on his pain and his imaginary worries as well, far too much.It doesn't help him.
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My mother is 81 and suffering from leg pains. She is up on average 9 times a night walking around trying to relieve the pain. She naps in the day or she would be totally sleep deprived. I see potassium might help. Does anyone know of anything else? A pharmacist suggested magnesium. We've even tried prescription quinine sulphate to no avail. I feel so helpless and sad that mom is suffering so much. The doctors don't get it. They think she is having leg cramps but she says they aren't cramps but a constant burning in her lower legs.
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My mom, who doesn't complain about her "ailments," just about the service around here, had a lot of trouble with leg pain/cramps when she first started taking regular doses of lasix.  Now she takes supplemental potassium and all of that stopped ASAP.  Her doc told us she need to take as much potassium as she does lasix so 80mcg lasix means 80 (whatever they ares) (mcgs?) of potassium.  (And yes, she really takes that much lasix).  The biggest problem is that potassium capsules/pills are HUGE, and she had trouble swallowing them.  They *do* make smaller ones, but the doc had to look it up to get the size pill with the size dose that was needed and she actually takes several capsules to get a big enough dose.  The other thing the doc told me was that taking potassium helped with confusion etc., that sometimes results from depleted potassium.  I've seen this swing too.

In any event, she certainly should have a blood test to see if she's depleted in potassium or something else that causing her all that discomfort.
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Our experience was low potassium.  More bananas or prescription...
Julia B.
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Dad was also on high doses of Lasix and had to take the same amount of potassium. It helped his leg pain. They were very large potassium pills. I had to break them in half before he could swallow them.
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A second thought ... I can't recall the things your mom is fighting, but I do know that the only sympton of trouble DH had before he ended up with emergency open heart surgery was leg pain.  Not suggesting that's the problem, but just that her leg pain is not something that should be ignored.

kim d
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hello Sheila, leg pain is common in CHF patient, more do to electrolyte imbalance and fluid retention. Potassium is a major electrolyte needed for muscles but when your on lasix diuretic it is pulled out of the body very quickly.  Rule of thumb is same dose for lasix ( mg ) and K+ (potassium) mcg.  K+ levels are 3.5 to 5.3 ( blood levels).  To low or to high has an impact on the heart too, so if your mother is complaining of severe leg cramps I suggest a call to Cardiologist to get a K+ level even lyte level too.  Best source of potassium OJ, banana's are good but need to eat 5 to one 8oz OJ. 

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I just wanted to say I am not an elder I am 49 years old and have been just recently diagnosed with CHF. It has really amazed me the problems that have come about due to the CHF.  I too have severe leg pains after walking even a medium amount.  I don't take any symptoms for granted anymore. I did that and guess what now I have CHF and other problems associated with it.  Please don't assume that some that you consider "elder" is just complaining.  I would really hate any of you who are taking care of them to experience what I have been going thru and I am not old.  Please help your love ones with their difficulties, love them etc.  My Dr has put me on potassium and magnisum for mine and I put heating pad on them some times to. My advise if you don't have it.  Don't assume.   

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