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Rachel B.
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Exxcuse that I don't have time to read all the responses right now, I'll just add that osteoporosis can lead to shin splints, which cause aching.

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Hi all,
   Leg cramps, CHF, COPD,thyroid problems, blocked arteries... 2 stints in heart valves and diabetes..... to me, this reminds me of my mother. She had leg cramping alot, mostly at night time.
   Eventually, she was diagnosed with blood clotting, and not able to have blood thinners, due to her bleeding out and almost dying, not once, but 2 times while at the hospital.
   She is now in a nursing home on an exelon patch 9.5 Mg's. for confusion ... Alzheimer's disease which, I know, she does not have! She has,(vascular dementia!!!!!) I seem to think that this exelon patch is doing her no good, as I see her every day, and I see no improvement in her remembering where she is and what she's doing... although, she knows who I am, she knows who her children are. She just seems so sluggish and tired, kind of drained of energy, and I don't like it!!!!!!! She don't even have the strength enough in her voice to talk loud enough for me to really hear what she's trying to say to me.
    I am at a loss here.
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diabetes will cause leg pain

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Originally Posted by Jill
My mother is 81 and suffering from leg pains. She is up on average 9 times a night walking around trying to relieve the pain. She naps in the day or she would be totally sleep deprived. I see potassium might help. Does anyone know of anything else? A pharmacist suggested magnesium. We've even tried prescription quinine sulphate to no avail. I feel so helpless and sad that mom is suffering so much. The doctors don't get it. They think she is having leg cramps but she says they aren't cramps but a constant burning in her lower legs.
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I'm only 38 and I suffer like your mom..and yes it burns they are not leg cramps. I'm in server C.H.F right now..with sleepless nights ears popping leg pain coughing can't lay down cause you can't catch your breath it's all not about the age and yes it can be very heart pours out to your loved one with C.H.F. its no joke
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