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I don't exactly hate the holidays, since I have a little one.  

But, my mom passed away last Christmas night (technically on the 26th).

Just can't help thinking of her at that time.  I haven't been able to bring myself to go to the cemetery since some time last January.  The marker is now set, but I just don't want to go.  It feels like it's a place to go to be sad.  Can't do it.

My dad goes to the cemetery EVERYDAY!!!  and proceeds to tell me about how many people were buried that day, blah blah blah.  It's so depressing.

Hoping I get through this season without too many breakdowns/tears.  Sometimes I feel more like I'm crying over the STRESS of figuring out my dad's life than grieving for my mom.  Plus, watching him being so sad & depressed.

Maybe that's what it all is  - the holidays = STRESS!  

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I hate the holidays too.  Early in my current marriage we traveled to his parent's home and those were okay.  Probably my best memories were with my first husband and his family.  They were peaceful and welcoming; what I never grew up with.
My H and I are separating next year; it is taking a long time to work out for financial reasons.  In my fondest dreams I will spend this season next year in solitude, living small with my animal companions.
If I am still here, and still in this marriage I will have failed.
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Thank you guys for your kind words! You made my day!

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And people would think I was being funny when they would ask "How was your holiday?" and I would answer "Great!! nobody got hurt and nobody went to jail!". 

Rene Unas

Posts: 6
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Is it really the holidays we hate or the commercialism that's associated with it that it loses its spiritual or social significance? Preparations would be made not to mention that you would meet in-laws or relatives whom you may not be comfortable with.                                                                                                  
A typical holiday is Christmas. Everyone knows it's religious importance and hence all activities (I will no longer elaborate on this matter.) must focus on the spiritual. 

Preparations and family reunions are normal but should not be overdone.

But with the commercialism attached to it, traffic jams are created at the shopping centers, much money is spent on gifts purchased and wrapping them, endless partying where food is abundant and liquor unlimited and much thinking on what to put on the dining table.

My take - cut down on these "trappings" and focus on the "essentials" or the religious or social aspect.

Go to shopping malls if you must but at first hour to avoid the rush, limit the gift-giving to those really close to you, attend parties at the office based on the position of the host (refuse an invitation from the CEO is suicide) and keep the food simple.

And once this is done, take some rest and enjoy your long sleep.

After all, this is what holidays are for.

Let's all enjoy our holidays!

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