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Hon, talk to us a little. Why is he saying he will take your car? Let us know what's going on in your life. We will all be glad to help you.


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I can relate to this. I strongly dislike my dad, for several reasons. I have taken care of him & my dear Mom since I was 19 (I'm now 40). He talked to my Mom like a dog every day they were married (they were married for 42 years). He's almost always putting me down, about everything: my religious beliefs, my taste in music, my intelligence (or lack of, according to him), my looks. Well, he calls it "joking." His "jokes" have completely destroyed my self-esteem. I feel ugly, stupid, worthless. No guy I pick is ever good enough; and whatever guy I do happen to have the nerve to tell him about, the first question he asks is always "Is he white?"  Does it matter?? Cause it dang sure doesn't to me. He treats me like I'm his own personal slave. No matter what I'm doing (trying to eat, trying to sleep, trying to use the bathroom), it doesn't matter to him; I'm supposed to just drop it all & come running. He very, very rarely gives me compliments, but he compliments his sorry friend all the time (his "friend" raped me, June 19th). Speaking of this, it reminds me of the time I finally got the nerve to tell him about when I was molested at age 12 (to age 16); my "dear" dad made "jokes" and called that sorry perv my "boyfriend." My dad has told me twice that he sometimes wishes I wasn't his daughter; 3 guesses why; 3 little letters; yep, my own dad wishes he could have sex with me! How sick is that?? I have a great, loving boyfriend in London, England; I truly wish I could go there right now; I mean today. My dad is 74, diabetic, & has to use a walker to get around. He makes me feel guilty, so I end up staying; like I don't deserve to have a life of my own. Being here, I'm just existing; I'm not living. He has a sister that's only 35 miles away, who could take care of him. I figure, it's either her home or a nursing home. Because I have been pushed as far as I'm gonna be. I have nothing but the absolute best to say about my dear Mom; she was an absolute angel, without question; she was the only reason I stayed as long I have. My Mom sadly passed away December 26th of last year. Well, now that she's gone, there's nothing to keep me here anymore. I have nothing good to say about my dad; absolutely nothing. And, may God forgive me for saying this, but I won't miss him when he's gone; I don't think I will shed a tear. Because love & respect is a 2-way street; I stopped loving & respecting him years ago; I don't even like him. Because he has no respect for me or any other woman. My dear, sweet Mama deserved so much better than much more. I'm sorry my comment was so long; I just really needed to vent.
Mike Gamble

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Hi SweetestAngel77, 

Perhaps this article will help you finally separate from your father: Still Stuck? 5 Strategies for Dealing with a Toxic Mother.

I wish you the best. No one deserves to be treated like you have been.
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