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donnaf for Molly Tx
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Hi Molly,
Ok my DH and I have not filed yet this year. Do I have to have a death cert to file this time since he won't be signing? We always filed jointly.

How will that affect the stimulas payment?

I hope I'm not being too forward by asking these questions.

Thanks for any hepl on this matter.
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Hi Donna, Glad you asked and thrilled to help.

You do not need a death certificate to file the return.  You will still file a joint return for both 2007 and 2008 (you better do some tax planning for 2009 because it is a "surprise" when people shift to the single rates).  There is a Form 1310 which must be attached to returns on anyone who is filing for a refund who is not the spouse; but, that will not apply to you.  You will sign the return in his signature spot with your normal signature (underneath your name put the words "Filing as surviving spouse."  Then you will also sign the return as spouse where you would normally sign. These returns are still eligible to be efiled (some cannot be efiled).

You will still receive the stimulus payment for you and your husband (probably the full $1,200 since you have wages).

Glad to help.


donnaf-A Soldier's Mom
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Thank You Molly! I won't be e-filing because we will probably owe rather than recieve money. Thanks for the tip on filing for 2009. HR dept at work told me the same thing. You have been so helpful.
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You're welcome...if you hit a snag when working it up, email me.


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