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I have several autoimmune diseases.  I am supposed to be one of those people that gets the flu shot as soon as they come out!!!  This year, due to first an infection, then a virus, then those things activating my diseases had to go through an increase in the steroids I take - I have been forced to continually keep rescheduling my flu shot!!!  Saw the doctor on Friday - still have a slight cough that the doctor said was due to a combination of my allergies and the coming back down to my normal level of steroids.  I am supposed to keep myself "secluded" until I get my flu shot on Wednesday (before I catch something else the doctor said!)  However, something I neglected to ask him (since he has told me that you are actually sick with a cold or virus 2 days before you ever show any symptoms - which is why they are making me wait until Wednesday instead of giving it to my Friday - I think) I've wondered what happens if you do get the flu shot and are in that 2 day time frame (you know, while your body is building up its resources to prepare to attack the virus or cold).  Obviously, there have had to be TONS of people that this has happened to.  It made me wonder if those people who say "oh, I get sick if I get a flu shot" so then don't get one and expose those people who actually can't.  I certainly don't want to get one when I am sick since my body is fighting every day of my life with its ammune system - and I don't think it is a good idea for ANYBODY to get one when they are sick.  However, it obviously can't kill you or anything - or all of us would have to be having blood work and who knows what else RIGHT before getting the shot.  My husband who is allergic to eggs got the flu a couple of years ago and it was really, really bad!!!!  For a day of feverish and achy from a shot (that some people get) or even 3 days, believe me, is much better than getting the "down and out" possibly in the hospital flu!  Even he now gets a flu shot!  We learned from research on the net that most people that are allergic to eggs are allergic to the yolk, not the white (they use the white of the egg in flu vaccine - or so we were told).  So, he went for allergy testing. and found he was NOT allergic to the white part of the egg.  He has to hang around for 15 minutes after he gets it, gets a little achy and feverish for one evening (and this year had one of the symptoms of his lips going numb for a few hours) but he doesn't ever want to get something like had had a few years ago.  So, for you people that are allergic to eggs and feel like you CAN'T get the flu shot - I would recommend discussing it with your doctor.  You may be like him, and may actually be able to get the flu shot!   
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I got flu and pneumonia shots in the hospital less than 24 hrs after carotid surgery, but have always heard to be more cautious about taking them if you have a cold.  Seems to me that asking a dr. who knows your situation is the safest course.

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actually, this thread is old - from a couple of years ago, but timely now, because of swine flu

my mom was at the doctor two weeks ago for the uti issues, and bleeding/etc - and they gave her the flu shot while she was there. I was surprised they would do that. (no h1n1 in that shot)

so there must be some situations where it is okay to be "ill" but still receive the shot.

She was out of it the next day (a bit), kinda tired and befuddled, but she did not get sick or anything.

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I have a quick question. I want to get my flu shot but i'm already sick. My symptoms just consist of a soar throat and cough, is that considered "mild" sickness?

Mary E.
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Hi, you should probably check with a doctor or nurse, but today I went with my daughter and her two little girls to get their flu shots. The older girl was congested and stuffy, but the pediatrician chose to go ahead with the shot.. 

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I went to my doctor today because I have been really sick for like 2 days and he put me on antibotic and cough syrup but then said while your here lets give ya the flu shot. I was really surprised cause I thought you couldnt while sick I am sooo nervous now I wish I went with my first instinct and didnt allow him. I have always heard no vaccinations while sick. My arm is killin me and I feel alil more achy I am hoping I am just pschying myself up and all will be fine. My advice wait til your well exspecially if you are on a antibiotic too much meds in the body cant be good.



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I have always been asked if I was ill by the shot purveyors. If you're nearly recovered they will usually give you one, otherwise not.

I suggest getting in line and telling them your situation or call in advance. Let the experts decide.

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Hi everyone... so I have always been against the flu shot but for some insane reason I let people talk me into it. I went to the dr today for a cough that wouldn't go away, got the flu shot which they said wouldn't make me sick. And now 4 hours later I am on my couch with what feels like the full blow flu. So FYI don't get the shot while u are sick. Bad flippin idea!!!
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I tried to get a flu shot one year when I had a cold and my
doctor office wouldn't let me until I got over my cold.

I have heard of people who are well getting the flu shot and
within a few days they get the flu.
That has never happened to me personally but it does happen.

I hope you feel better soon!
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Okay, so I am sick now and might even have Bronchitis and my doctor gave it to me today, so obviously it is okay to get it, but depends on what you have
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My Dr told me last year that as long as you aren't running a Temperature its alright to get it. I still refused though because the flu shot sometimes makes me feel a little achy that night after I take it. I just went back when I was well.

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If you think a flu shot can't get you sick u should see me right now. I've had a fever for 4 days and counting and severe headaches which were not there until I received the shot. The pain is almost unbearable and my appetite is non existent.
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What ever you do, do not get flu shot while you are sick. I got violently ill 3 hours after the shot. My whole body hurt for at least 24 hours,and yes your arm does hurt alittle but not that bad.

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Hi; we got free flu shots at work and I had never had one before.  The nurse wasn't going to give me one because I had a cold but I thought it was just about over.  Well it's beem 3-1/2 weeks now and I still have the cold so I am thinking maybe the shot lowered my immune system and made the cold draw out longer.

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I was planning to skip the flu shot this year as I wasstarting to believe it was not necessary. But, I got the flu shot 2 days agowhile already sick. Now, I am miserable. I think I am twice as sick now becauseof the shot. I should have  waited a week or so. Actually, I should have gotten it in Nov.

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