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kelly w/the sweetest mom
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Mom had surgery last week, and once she's home from rehab, will be using a potty chair for several weeks.

Is there some sort of chemical we can buy to put in the "bucket" that will neutralize the odor?

We don't want the downstairs to smell like urine. She would be mortified.

When I go camping, I often use outdoor bathrooms, and they seem to use some sort of blue liquid that kills ALL the odor of waste.

I am open to suggestions. Thanks!

Kelly w/the sweetest mom
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Hi Kelly,
I don't know if there is a product made for potty chairs or not. But, we have an RV and we use Aqua-Kem. It works well, but it is blue and stains everything it touches. I have heard that they have a new dissolving packet too.
I would check with your local home care equipment store they may have some suggestions.
If you are set on the Aqua-Kem you can get it on-line or at any RV or camping store. Good luck.
Mary E.
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Hi Kelley,,

My mother also has a commode beside her bed and will be using it indefinitely..  I was actually thinking of purchasing a chemical toilet which is sold at Walmart.  I think it's low, so would have to be raised and then used with the commode stand and seat..  I haven't measured it, but hope it will do.. I'm not sure if I'll buy it yet, but the ad on line DOES say it can be used in sick rooms..

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Hey Kelly...and thanks for your post to me on another thread.

I purchased for mom an outdoor little toilet that flushes....had to keep it by her bed once when she couldn't make it to the toilet.  It has some stuff (that is not blue)....but I am not sure I have the name.  Purchased it at Walmart in the outdoor section.  I will see if I can find it for you.


Janice W
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I'm wondering if you sprinkled in a little Powdered Borax (Such as 20 Mule Team Borax) each time you empty and rinse it if that wouldn't work. I know it does an excellent job keeping a diaper pail from having an odor, and would be fairly inexpensive.
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Use vodka...seriously.

I use vodka in laundry and when my cat has an accident and everyone knows cat pea is strong smelling stuff..
Mary E.
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I asked an aquaintance I met in the grocery store about the chemical toilets, because she and her husband had camped for years.  I had been planning to buy one for my mother's room, because she'll need to use the commode or a urinal..

She said that while the toilets are good for short periods of time, they must be cleaned every other day or so and she wasn't sure where to dump the chemicals - at campgrounds they frequently have a hazardous waste place..  Does anyone know if the chemicals can go into the septic system??

Mary E.
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I just realized the humor of discussing toilets and pee in the grocery store beside the baked goods.  What have I come to??
Miranda Miller
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When my mother in law was first confined to a potty chair by her bed, I always put a quart of clean water in it after dumping and sanitizing. 

I have found this at Walmart and I now add 1/4 an ounce to the quart of water. 

Camco TST Blue Enzyme Toilet Chemical, 32oz 

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Add a cap of vinegar to the pot! Cider or cleaning vinegar has a chemical reactive nature, then a few drops of your choice Essential Oils ( lemon or lavender) to off -scent seems to work pretty well. It's less expensive, safe and none staining!
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