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We have partnered with A Place for Mom to help you find the right senior care services for your loved one. A Place for Mom has established a nationwide network of carefully screened senior care providers and facilities ... everything from home care and assisted living to specialized memory care facilities. We are pleased to bring their referral service to you free of charge. (A Place for Mom is paid by their participating senior care providers and facilities.)

A Place for Mom has been helping seniors and their families find the best senior care for their needs and budget for over 10 years. Their knowledgeable and compassionate Senior Living Advisors will guide you through your search and can provide local support and resources. Let A Place for Mom help you online or call toll-free (877) 311-6092.

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I HATE when people say, you have to take care of yourself, go for a walk, etc.  My mother cannot be left alone.  Do they think I am so stupid I don't know it would be good to get out.  I can only afford an aid for when I work. 

And please, no obvious solutions, I have looked into government help, my siblings do not live near me. 

thank you

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I have no patience for obvious answers. And no, mom’s neighbors can’t help, nor can her church. Hang in there!

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I'm with you!  People are always telling me to take care of myself but, hey, how can you do that? It's not easy.  I'm a caregiver to my husband and I do have some outside help but I could use more, but it takes money and we don't have alot.  I feel like I'm pushed into the ground some days...and nights...don't forget nights.  And we have 2 little dogs that are always wanting something.  It seems like every time I want to sit down for a few minutes somebody needs/wants something!  I don't need these little dogs in my life right now but that's the way it is at least for the present.  Being a caregiver is very hard.  Hey!  I'm venting!! It does help.
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