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Originally Posted by Jane in MA
After 10 days in a psychiatric wing of a hospital where everyone was amused, perplexed, and clueless about my mother's imaginary boyfriend, Kevin, she was released back to her NH yesterday. All they did was put her on 5m of Aricept and said it sounds like Lewy Body Disease, which is another form of Alzh and cannot be cured.

I saw her today and she told me that she and Kevin are thinking about taking a drive up the coast. Apparently Kevin can still drive. They want to get their own apartment and make a go of it. They love each other and Kevin will take good care of her.

Then tonight she called me to give me the 'good news'. Kevin has been given an apartment with four rooms, that includes all the utilities and appliances. It even has a washing machine in the kitchen and meals are included in the rent (she is covering all the bases of protest).  They are hoping to move in this weekend but they need me to help them move the TV. [rolleyes]

WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THIS!?? I am like flabbergasted. This is an imaginary man!! She has not ebven met him but they have agreat time  chit cahtting all day and making plans. He is two years younger than my mother, a heavy set guy like her, he even has a last name finally.. Jouyvillex. (I had her spell this twice for me and she did it the same both times).  Out of curiosity, I looked up that name. Google doesn't even get a single hit on it.

Oh yeah, she even has the address of this apartment.. 93 Main Street in Chelmsford, MA. I googled thatand got nothing. I don't think there is a 93 Main Street.

I told her whatever makes her happy is fine with me. She said they will get married and live legally, of course. I asked her if I should be expecting any new brothers or sisters. She laughed with glee and seemed to get the joke!

I just don't get it!!! [frown]

 And I'm not sure how long I can keep up this 'farce' of believing her too much longer. It's really really hard. She is so happy with him and cries all the time when she feels threatened that they/we will keep her from him.

I asked her why I have not met this Kevin yet. She said "Oh, will." [confused]

Heaven, help me!

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If it'd any consolation my 86 year old mother has an imaginary boyfriend called Roy who is only 21 and lived up the road. The other day she called me to tell me the good news 'they've got engaged'. He knows she's old fashioned and wants to do the right thing. The other day she apparently gave him trifle and my mother said he asked for more of that stuff which she found very amusing.
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