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New to this forum but couldn't find any support groups that were specifically for my problem so here I am.

My mom is 76 and lives near my sister a couple states away. 

Last year my sister  and I noticied some memory problems. She would forget random things here and ther. We took a closer look at things and it turned out that she was giving some  man thousands of dollars. (my dad died about 15 years ago ) We got access to her bank account and since June of last year is looks like she hasn't given him any additional money.

 I went with her to a current visit with her MD (he treats seniors) to talk about her memory issues. He referred her to a Neurologist for further discussion  and agreed that all the supplements that she was taking were not helping her like she swore they were. I went through her house and hid all of them, but don't know if she found them.

My sister went to the neuro apt with her and he said that she tested well on all the memory tests and that he didn't see any early signs of alzheimers. He suspects that she has severs anxiety and that she needs to be on some type of medicine. That might alleviate many of  symptoms that we are seeing.

So of course we approached her with that and all she says is "I am fine"..which she is clearly not.  We can take over as POA but only after two different doctors declare her  incompentant?? (I don't know the word) but the doctors are saying that she is medically fine so that is a dead end.

She hasn't talked to me in about four months (very out of character) and the only emails I get are about getting my birth date or SSN number. I  don't give them to her and suspect that she is trying to get new life insurance policies(she has three already).

 We even looked at some retirement communites with her but she wants nothing to do with them.. I am frustrated and sad and lost...

Any advice? Sorry so long...

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Keep nurturing the relationship with your sister. Things may get harder befoe they get better. A good, working relationship with your sister will do a lot to get you through it.
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