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Bumping this thread for Ponce
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another bump for Ponce.......

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does anyone know what the actual test is called to check the sodium level? Mom has blood taken a lot and we always get the paper with all the results and I can check her A1C etc... but I am not sure what the sodium one would be. She just had a blood test and I have the paper so I would like to read it and see what hers is...

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Mom had surgery on carotid arteries and came back home with very low sodium levels, she is 79 years old.  Feeding her high sodium foods but she is sleeping all the time and is displaying paranoid behaviours and I am going crazy just caring for her, havent been to work in over a week,cant leave her alone, might lose my job, lack of help for the elderly should be a priority for this country to correct.....she is the most wonderful woman and Mom normally but this condition really wreaks havoc on personality and wellness!!!

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Hello and Welcome !!!
Just want you to know I am here to listen.    I don't know anything about low-sodium levels...or well...ummm...much of anything.   But others will be along with support and advice.
Week-ends typically are rather quiet on this Board; so please be patient as folks will be coming-in.
Is your mom in your home?
I agree:  we need to make our elder-care support a high priority.  I just don't know a "solution"...nor do I know "who" has the responsiblity and power to solve this crisis for so many families.
It's so HARD, isn't it?
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The sodium level will be listed on a blood test as the "NA level".  The acceptable range is 136–145 mEq/L. 

Depending on the level, water restriction (to decrease the volume of water in the blood) or sodium tablets are the course of action.  This really has to be monitored and shame on that hospital for discharging your Mom with low levels and apparent symptoms.  She may need to be re-admitted.

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Mom was chronically low just a bit for a long time.  Doc restricted her fluids, not by a lot,  but by some.  And we asked her every meal if anything could use some salt.  Last test it was normal, (4 months ago) now I am afraid she is getting dehydrated (lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks while she has been eating decently) She was not thin, and is not underweight now, but just another day in the balancing, juggler act of Caregiving.  Time for more lab work.  This time I am trying to get the doc to approve home healh to come and collect the samples.    Mom is so tired and slow, it is beginning to scare me to take her out.

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Hi, my mother had severe diarrohea in 2005 and her sodium levels dropped to 120..she got swelling all over..stopped eating, stopped talking, no emotions, she knew that she wants to go to bathroom but couldn't get up and released it on the bed. Thts the time, we took her to hospital..and then she was given sodium chloride..which hit her brain, and she got tremors, no movement in limbs etc. She stayed in the hospital for one and half months..till today we struggle to control her sodium levels..any suggestions on how we can keep it controlled..also for all the elderlies..we shd get them vaccinated for pneumonia and flu..bcos with every season change..the flu accompanies and make things mother is just 58 and still has not become independent...and not able to speak properly..regained her walking with continous physiotherapy..pls take sodium levels seriously..

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Just wanted to add..for low sodium levels, homeopathy has very good medicine..its called nutmure (pls check with your doctor)..when my mother was ill..we were in vicious cycle..sodium levels used to get dropped..we used to give her salt in water, which used to increase her body weight, then less urine, then we used to give her medicines to release urine..and then again the same cycle..our homeopath doctor really helped in controlling her sodium levelss....

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My mum has been hospitalised with low sodium levels three time in one year.  First time just after she had hip surgery and it scared the hell out of us.  She was hallucinating etc and was not the person I knew when I went to see her.  The interesting thing is that each time it has been with a urinary tract infection.  So we have a double edged sword.  Drink lots of water for the infection but don't drink much at all so the sodium levels don't drop.  We have just got her out of hospital from the last bout and we are giving her cranberry juice for the UTI and also getting her to start using salt in her diet.  Like all of us she has been using little/no salt in her food intake.  As well she is going to lower her water intake too as she used to drink lots.  So now what?  Not sure.  Maybe we should take her to the doctor on a regular basis to get her salt lvls checked.  Thoughts?


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My 77 year old mother has low sodium as well.  I've learned a lot about this but still have lots to learn since we have no clue to the source of her low sodium.  The first thing the doctor will ask you is to restrict your water intake. It seems like when you do that  you have less urination and bouts of UTIs.  If you have UTI skip the cranberry juice go straight to taking the cranberry extract since you need to drink over 50 glasses of cranberry juice to have any kind of effect. (I've been told this from a Urologist. My mother takes 500 mgs a day, but you must keep taking it on a daily basis. Other possible causes of low sodium I've been told have been kidney problems and thyroid problems.  Please have your doctor check those.  I've also been told cetain types of painkiller will also cause low-sodium as well.  Still on the search for the answers.  Remember though everyone's body is different ask lots of questions to your doctor and be proactive at finding the reason.

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A couple more issues to add. Be careful adding extra salt to that diet. My mother has heart disease so salt increases her blood pressure.  My mother is on a water restriction I've replaced one of her "water allowances" with a product like Gatorade for now.

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Interesting about kidneys and thyroid.  Will ask the doc to do a blood test etc to check on if there are any issues with these.  Mum is much better now thank goodness and will also investigate cranberry extract.  We discussed Gatorade with the doc at the hospital but they didn't want to start her on that at this stage or salt tablets for that matter.  Plus blood pressure is on the low end rather than high so hopefully her adding a bit of salt to her food won't cause any probs.  Next doc appointment will discuss regular blood tests too.  Tks for the comments they are appreciated.
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My mom who has CHF and is in a nursing home has been increasingly confused the last two weeks.  She gets lasix for fluid retention as needed and potassium.  After reading this post, I asked today about sodium deficiencies and they are going to look into it but is probably due to CHF.  Shouldn't this be a no-brainer?  I'll post what happens.

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Hi, im from pakistan and just wanted to gve some useful input on low sodium levels. My father recently had his bypass surgery and carotod artery surgery. Even though he did had some neurological defecits cause of the carotid surgery, he started acting different in the last few days (he is in hospital as of now). He was drowsy all the time. very confused, doing  strange muttering,  overall mental status had declined that we were all  scared and praying to God. We found out that his souduim level was quite low and then yesterday we found out that he has a UTI which has caused the hyponatremia which is low Na level. UTI is so notorious iv heard that it can cause alot of things. His sugar level also dangerously droped to 30 suddenly and had to be given glucose shots. all due to infection! he aquired probably due to catheter used in hospitals. so one shud be very careful, sometimes doctors overlook coz some UTIs dont have  any symptoms especially in elderly ppl. thats all! i would welcome any comments

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