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Hello all,

It was really nice to see this blog. My dad is 60 years old and he had a heart bypass surgery before 3 months and he started to show similar symptoms but he also had a high fever at first when we admitted him to the hospital. The doctors started treating him for fever but nothing would work and after 3 days, he got a report that his sodium levels are really low. He was admitted and was in constant care for 10 days after which his fever subsided but he is still feeling very lethargic, week and he keeps muttering things which we can hardly understand. His kidneys are working fine.

I really want to know the recovery period for something like this as it has been almost 15-17 days since this incident has happened and he sleeps all the time and he hardly eats anything as he doesn't feel like eating.. My Mom is very worried and she is feeling helpless as no doctor can clearly say how long it will take to recover.. Please help!!!!
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I am so happy I found this post.  My grandmother 77 is having the exact same issue except hers was caused by a ignored hiatal hernia. Her doctor sent her home 7/1/2012 and told her there was nothing he could do it would go away on its own.  She stopped eating because of the pain sodium dropped and he advised her it was low but didn't give her any meds to help.  We took her back to the doctor and complained.  7/25 he admitted her and she had several ignored strokes and seizures - citing it was spasms due to the low sodium now she is has to be transferred to a long term hospital because she is really sick. I dont believe in law suits but this is so hurtful.  I feel like he did nothing with out us continuing to complain. Now he has referred her to a neurologist who says he sees something on the right side of her brain but he doesnt know what it is.  I feel like screaming but I know that it wont help but I am confused as to what we should do next.  Please help!
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I googled low sodium in elderly.  My mother is currently in nursing home for rehab from the flu.  She was admitted for dehydration.  She was doing great after they pumped her full of fluids.  Then she went to a nursing home for rehab and has been uphill/downhill ever since.   Then suddenly confusion out of no where.  She is 93.  They found the low sodium and have started her on sodium tablets.  They can't restrict her fluids because she needs to recover from the flu/dehydration.  And like you have said...she has limited salt for years because of high blood pressure and really does not like to salt her foods or eat anything overly salty.
We have been really frightened and this makes me feel so much better!
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Samsca is the fairly new drug used to raise my 80 year old father's sodium from 120 back to normal in 3 days. The salt ivis too risky for him because of reduced kidney function. He is on diuretics because of chf issues. Im trying to figure out a day to day plan to keep his sodium level stays up. Thanks for these post.
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My mom is 96 and in my home.  She has a sodium level of 123  She is fed through a feeding tube.  In lieu of the IV which we don't think her veins will support nor her kidneys, we are trying to raise it with Gatorade and one salt tablet per day along with her Gevity.  She has swelling in her legs, feet and belly.  Her urine output is very limited.  Anyone know how long it takes to raise the levels. And has anyone else tried to do this naturally without the IV solution.  I am intrigued by the drug Leisha mentioned and will ask our doctor.  We are trying to avoid hospital if at all possible.

Crystal McGrath
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My husband who is very healthy, but was 80 when he got dehydrated due to vomiting because of a  hiatal hernia pushing his stomach up into his chest.  His sodium was 102.  They called in kidney drs who had to very slowly raise the sodium.  He was too low for the surgery as the anesthesia would have killed him and giving him sodium too fast(which is what I suspect happened to some of the other posters relatives) he would have a stroke and be brain dead.  They got the sodium up to 116 and did the surgery and although it was a long road, he recovered totally.  His normal sodium is about 130 fyi.  A week ago,Friday he was admitted to hospital because he had  gotten dehydrated (due to me being in the hospital and he did not eat, etc.)and was admitted to hosp with sodium of 97 or 98.  He is now 85. We told them about the previous time this happened.  They started giving him sodium and he did not a have a stroke, but an event where he had a hard time breathing and could not get the words out. They said it was because of too fast sodium.  Eight days later, today, his sodium is now 128.  His heart rhythum  is off and heartrate very low and drops to 20s when sleeping.  Also some kidney issues, poss liver also.  They cardio cannot do anything until they get sodium to 130.  I am glad they are doing this slowly. I told him he has used 2 of his 9 lives.  What I want to  say is always keep Gatorade or powerade something with electrolytes on hand.  As giving someone too much water will kill them when they need electrolytes.  And know if your loved one's sodium drops to emphasize that they must raise it very slowly.  We have lots of prayers helping us and he is a very strong person.

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What a great forum this is. People who post these blogs give others so much info and advice without knowing it even though they are having worries and problems themselves. You put your faith in doctors but don't always get the answers without making a nuisance of yourself and that doesn't always work. It's so true the old saying "it's good to talk" THANKS.

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Hi. My mom is 73 and had DBS surgery for Parkinsons, around 3 months ago. The surgery went off well but after that, she had low sodium. We have been trying to get it up through diet and medication, but she is still not well. She keeps sleeping or lying down the whole day. She hardly opens her eyes and is not very coherent. 

How long does it take for the elderly to recover from low sodium? It has been a long time already for my mother. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 
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My mom also has a debilitating disease. I think the problem is that an inherent disease masks things. Low sodium had my mom hallucinating, tired, no appetite, depressed .... It's not enough to just eat more salt. The body is not absorbing or holding it. They want her to drink less water, but her mouth is so dry so has to drink or choke. She is lined up with a speech/throat specialist but that is next week. She is also lined up to see a nephrologist because the organs may not be processing her edible sodium correctly. Maybe you want to try these things because of the Parkinson's.
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I was just released from the hospital where I was treated for hyponatremia. I went in with sodium level of 120. I was put on fluids and the doctor overcorrected my sodium to 141 within the first 24 hours before correcting the overcorrection back down to 122 and then back to 137. I was concerned about brain damage because I know it is a possibility wit overcorrection even if they correct sodium levels within the 24 hour time frame.

I am home and having no symptoms except a pressure headache and general feelin of pressure in my head. Is this normal after recovery? Should I go back to be evaluated or assume it is ODS?

I appreciate any answers as I have found articles that ODS is in some cases reparable but time is f the essence. My family keeps saying I'm freaking out and it's just the stress of the situation.

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Hi my dad 65 was having cold for few days and was feeling very lazy and. Of welcome day he just fainted. When he was taken to the hospital it was recovered that he had low sodium . He also has high blood pressure. His sodium was corrected over few weeks and then he was back home.
He took few months for complete recovery. Though physical recovery he has low confidence, concussion and also sign of depression. He is fighting and struggling with this. No fly share your recovery experience and also how u all came out of it.he sodium again came low after which he started having sodium tablets as prescribed.
Michelle Lipps
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Originally Posted by 'daughter'
a friend of mine, in her late 40's [eek] has a low-sodium condition. She actually has to pour salt on everything she eats, or eat salty stuff. (yuck!)
Even taking a pill has no effect for her.

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