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michelle with nmom
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Oh my OhDear:

I'm gonna need a depends   ....squirrel tail relics..........I'm going out to the road right now to find me some to sell on EBAY

thanks for a great laugh

michelle with nmom
Redneck (billie jo)
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~bump please~  billie jo I found this thread via "Search".  Don't know if this is the beginning of the story...

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>Oh my OhDear:
>I'm gonna need a depends   ....squirrel tail relics..........I'm going out to >the road right now to find me some to sell on EBAY  thanks for a great >laugh
>michelle with nmom

Glad to lighten your day Ma'am!

I think if you hang a Holy Squirrel Tail relic from your rear view mirror it intercepts the beam from a Police radar gun and returns the beam to the Police Officer with 35MPH subtracted from the actual MPH.

I'm sure it's TWUE, the spirit of Saint Rodentia told me so!

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If anyone would like a pet squirrel, please come over to my house and trap a few.   My neighbors have a squirrel feeder out and think they are cute.  I consider them rodents and a huge annoyance.  They have chewed on the siding by the eaves of my house and eat my tomatoes and figs.  I have bird and butterfly habitats and gardens and have to put guards on the bird feeders.  The stupid squirrels even suck the nectar out of my hummingbird feeders.  Take them please!

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Go to fullsize image

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that is so gross!!!

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I am totally cracking up!!!!!
This is NOT the beginning of the story, but only makes the whole thing more "palatable".  I am  right now.
The stew should have started brewing, or simmering, three years ago.
In a large pot, with a Cajun stirring it. 
I will be happy to fill anyone in, if you want to know.  It's the stupidest sister of all the stupid siblings.
Sad, but funny at the same time.
Love that carcass.  Squirrel bones.  Hm......necklaces, voodoo pins......must be all kinds of uses for them, other than driving family memebers apart.  LOL.
~ k ~
new 1
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This is an upscale  stew.  It is good, too.


2 dressed young squirrels (2 lbs.)
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 - 3/4 cup water
1 1/2 cups milk
1 tsp. grated onion (optional)

Wipe squirrel thoroughly with a damp cloth. Remove any hair and scent glands. Examine carefully to locate imbedded shot and remove with a sharp pointed knife. Wash thoroughly inside and out in warm water. Drain well and cut into serving pieces. (Never wash after cutting up.) Combine salt, pepper, and flour. Dredge meat and coat well. Heat shortening in a heavy skillet; brown meat slowly on all sides to a rich brown (about 15 minutes). Add 1/4 cup of water; cover tightly; reduce heat and simmer gently until tender (about 30 minutes). Add remaining water as needed.

Squirrel should be very tender when done. Remove squirrel to a hot platter; cover and keep hot. Blend any leftover seasoned flour into the fat remaining in skillet. Add milk gradually and cook until gravy boils and thickens, stirring constantly. Serve at once with squirrel. Add the grated onion for additional flavor, if desired. 4 servings.

new 1
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it is good with rice, peas, and carrots,

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Please, fill us in. 
Varmant Voodoo Doll....

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This reminds me of Clark Griswold's cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation when he talked about squirrels being low in cholesterol.

Reply with quote  #42 

My mistake! LOL  Hubby says Eddie gave up squirrel because it was high in Cholesterol.

Reply with quote  #43 
Dearest gracenotes,
First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful encouragment when I was asking you for help with my duet in April.  I was nervous, and I heard it in the recording.  "O Divine Redeemer" is not easy, but we did it.    Thanks.
Before I go into all the Gory details of this subject, (and I appreciate that Mike's paying for all of this space,) I will do a search for the first time I came here.
If I am unsuccessful, I will fill you in, if you really want to know.  It's just about EXTREME disrespect, and who is really taking care of the mom.
But I have to LMAO at all the just RE means to me that we all just have to have some release.  And if it's the squirrel sister who is the laughing stock, so be it.  Oh kolleen, shut up for now.
You're all the best.
~ k ~
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I just wrote a long post, and poof, it was gone.  Just like that.
new 1, your recipe sounds like a keeper.  Nothing like a young squirrel, ripe for the eating.  Seriously, your recipe sounds delicious. 
Should one remove the snot before or AFTER the dredging in the flour?  It (snot) might act as a thickener, much like cornstarch. 
I will have to check the website  to copy the recipe for sister in the alps.  Oh wait, she can't use a computer.
Thanks for sharing.  I always need new recipes.  And although it may be high in cholesterol, it is indeed low in carbs.  Lower with snot than with cornstarch.  Cut the flour.....stick with the snot for a more healty dish.
Serve with crushed peanuts.
~ k ~
new 1
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When we clean them the head goes, too,   so no snot in the pot.

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