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Beautiful day
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Kathy,  (or all)  if you're reading this, you inspired me!  What is it with mail ordering all of this ... STUFF???  After reading your post under Hoarding and the boxes you found Miles K. unopened, yeah, it's everywhere.  Over the past ten years or so, the kids never knew what to expect for birthdays, Christmas or any gift giving time.  Last year to of the gifts she gave were: the boys (all in there 20's) a "musical hand" that stood up on its' wrist with fingers moving as if it were playing the piano.  The girls got ceramic tissue boxes where you pull the tissues, out of the nostrils...they were kinda cute for mom maybe but not young ladies/girls in their 20's.  I got a 5" teapot shaped like an elephant!!!
She spent a small fortune on many items like this.  I try to explain, get one nice item and no more...BOOM, there I go again telling what to do.
We go by the house every day or so (hubby/me) to check things out and get mail and the catalogs are astounding, stacks daily.  We actually stopped giving her most of them, she kept trying order miracle cures for diabetic feet and wrinkle cream...yep she's 84 and worried about wrinkles!  Several years ago, after I'd been helping both mom and dad at their home, she followed me to the front porch and said, "honey come here for a second"  I walked back to her and she placed her hands on either side of my jaw and cheek very lovingly.  I thought, Ooh this is a Hallmark moment.  she tenderly held my face and looked into my eyes and said "I have something for you"....What could it be an heirloom a statement of her undying love for me?????  Nope she reached in her pocket and gave me a tube of Retin-A and said it was time for me to start using this.       I had no idea how to react other than the symbols shown, confused, surprised, sad (I really thought this was going to be a heartfelt moment), don't pull this on me, mad and finally why am I surprised!!!(?)  I told her at some point it may interest me, but I have earned every expressive line on my face and have survived it all.  So, bye bye see ya later!!!
Didn't mean to start a rant but I haven't shared that often and I suppose it's closer to the surface than I realized.

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Hey BD,no problem, vent away, lol! That was a funny story about the Hallmark moment. Oh dear.....
my mom knows better than to try to give me something like that! I would just look at her like she is crazy!! (oops) Retin-A for petes sake.
But yes, my Mom went through her phase where she was giving me all kinds of little 'things' that she was mail ordering. I have kept them all, out of sentimental reasons. I know it gave her a kick to buy all this stuff at one point. And to give it away.

That stuff, if you notice, is usually something that appeals to YOURSELF, when you see it in the catalog, but will it really appeal to someone else? but for some reason, my mom thinks it will appeal to everyone else. Oh well. She has slowed down on the mail ordering as of late (thank goodness). When I visited this last time, I didn't see any unopened Miles Kimball boxes
I read a bit ago that Lillian Vernon went bankrupt, and I was thinking "That's because my mom hasn't ordered from them in a couple of years!!"

It's a shame. One of those boxes I opened back in 2005, when I looked at the packing list, the grand total was over $300 !! When I think what my Mom COULD have done with that money -- instead. Oh well. She and I just don't think alike, that is pretty obvious.

Jane in MA
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Beautiful Day,
I just read your mother's gift giving list.. and it gave me a belly laugh! My husband even wanted to know what was so funny!

I have seen those tissue holders in catalogs..where the tissue is pulled out if the nostril!! That is so bizarre. I hope your girls got a laugh out of it later. It would make for a great yankee swap (when the swaps are supposed to be gags). And that hand!! Even more bizarre!

I have a MIL who will only use the expensive creams on her face, too. I actually send her some for special occasions because I know she loves them and cannot leave the house to go to the cosmetics counters in the mall. It is her luxury and she believes they keep her young. Youth in a bottle. That's the funny part. She can't leave the house, but has to put on expensive cosmetics.. for her little dog, I guess. Then the dog licks it off her face. Hey! Maybe it's really the dog spit that is keeping the wrinkles at bay.

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