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Carol Bergstresser
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What is difference between a flutophone & a recorder ?

Maggie J
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Here's some info I googled:
The recorder is used throughout music education to teach wind instrument principles to kids. One of the oldest wind instruments, it dates back to the time of Bach and before. The recorder is simple and fun to play! It is slightly more complicated than the flutophone. The recorder plays in all musical keys and the flutophone is more limited and therefore, simpler.
Flutophones are easier to play because it requires less air control. Recorders on the other hand needs more control and force to play. Flutophones are great for young children to start on and they can move on to recorders smoothly.
The finger holes of the flutophone have grooves making it easy to tell if you're covering the hole properly. On recorders the holes are smooth.

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This is a flutophone: 

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It usually costs a few dollars,thus it is economical in school programs.  It is very "user friendly." Made of plastic.  Its amazing these are still being used, but I was somewhere recently and these college kids were playing them.  I remember having one of these back in the 1950's. But, yes, recorders are more difficult to play than flutophones, and are more legitimate musical instruments used by professionals.  As Maggie googled, they are used in baroque and earlier music. Recorders  do come in many sizes are well. 
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I like the flutophone.  Looks more challenging.
I am now totally in love with the THEREMIN!!
That's a weird one.  Talk about a fun instrument. you play one?  I would love to have one.
~ k ~
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Available at most music stores, and at for about $2.99.  White and black models. 

Do I play flutophone. Not really, but did as a kid.  This is more my style: 


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I had to go look that one up.  Hmmm,

loopy (for kolleen)
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Theremin! Now there's something I had never expected to read on this message board! I've never played one but I've always wanted to try. I'm sure it's a bit like picking up a bagpipe for the first time! Have you ever played one??

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