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Never Get Away has come up with an excellent suggestion.
Alinka has returned after an absence of a year and she has expressed dismay that no one shouted out for her. I told her that I think it would be helpful to the community if we had a pinned "Among the Missing" thread.
And, here it is.

What does everyone else think about it? Who else is missing?

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Mary E.

Oh Dear??  Unless I missed her posts?

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Glad you brought this up!  I've been wondering how Laura is doing, the Laura whose mom who wanted her to dust the cans in her pantry . . . she certainly has her hands full.  Hope everything is okay. 

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billie jo

we have been hoping to hear from john. i am worried about him. panuts is also missing.

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Voomie ?????
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Frau Leigh?

And 2nd Kathy: even though you are done with caregiving, you are missed!!!

And SheilaJ, I know you are having a rough time right now, maybe you are not up to posting, just miss ya, hope you are okay.

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also looking to see carrie and cheryl

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I miss Dusty also!

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Julia B.
popandme and ttsd..
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Sara...who has been missing for over a year.

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i miss DustyGirl,   ,, named after her 4 legged companion ,,,   DustyBoy
Patty has not given us an update in a while, ,,  i hope that means that all is well in her home.
and i already miss Prodigal
blessings for peace
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I've gone to look for myself,
If I should return, before I come back.
Please ask me to wait!
Let there be peace in our hearts, as well as on this site.
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Redneck has posted less & less, and this thread has brought to mind,,,  she has not posted at all lately......
redneck gone missing ????????????  what is this board gonna do ?????????????????
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Will I Survive

Laura hasn't posted for a while, I hope she's doing okay.

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Redneck posted on the "New and Improved Rules" thread a couple of days ago, but that's been about all I recall seeing of her.
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