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billie jo
Reply with quote  #16 

redneck quit, but she is doing good.

Never Get Away
Reply with quote  #17 
Thank you Mike.
Among the missing for me:EmmieK, Cleofet, Amien, BJ.
Mary E.
Reply with quote  #18 
Does anyone remember Chance from a long time ago?  He was thinking of bringing both sets of parents - his own and in-laws - to live all together in houses next door to one another.. 

Also, Georgia??  She was on a TV show..
Lil 4 MaryE.
Reply with quote  #19 
Hi MaryE.
I remember Chance and Georgia! They have been gone a long time. Also Trip ( I think the that was the name :-).
Reply with quote  #20 
we have not heard from our Princess Janie
Janie, if you have been lurking, give us an update on how you are doing.
prayers sent your way
Reply with quote  #21 
remember Baked Alaska?

Whooooeeee ! She had a doozie of a situation.

Georgia did come back and posted about the show, and when it was airing. I think some folks here caught it. If I recall correctly, per usual, she and her husband got some flack from viewers of the show. It just goes to prove, no good deed goes unpunished (or unappreciated).

as has been proved time and time again.

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Beautiful Day... (BD)

how are you doing ?

Reply with quote  #23 

I also miss Beautiful Day.  Please let us knoe how you are doing.

billie jo
Reply with quote  #24 
we are mising diane r.
and also mel [buckeye]. we miss you.
2nd kathy
Reply with quote  #25 

Hi all! Thank you Beth for the mention. I do not come here as often...I sort of feel as if I have made a step away and that is good. I do miss you all and wish and pray that you all have the strength you need to endure.

Reply with quote  #26 
I'm still here, Billie Jo!  Thanks for thinking of me.  Just been a little buried lately.  It just never gets easier, does it? 
I'll try to catch up with you in chat room soon.  Miss you too!
Reply with quote  #27 
I still lurk and chat...still grieving my mom's passing and wishing I did better by her. Grateful for the support here; will try to visit more. 
Cathy s
Reply with quote  #28 
Hey, been away a while. I have been taking control and not letting my n mother get the best of me. Thanks for all of your help! Your posts helped me so much!!
Julia B.
Reply with quote  #29 
Reply with quote  #30 
Still check in now and then.  How are y'all?
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