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Aww this is so sweet. So many names I recognize and am thankful for their support back in 2009. You are all angels for being here and doing what you do.
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It has been years now, but a while back there was a member here, "Michelle with NM", who was a fun, funny gal. I miss her and her terriffic sense of humor.. Michelle, wherever you are, I hope things are going well for you.

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Mary E. wrote:

Oh Dear??  Unless I missed her posts?

Here I am,,,,It's so nice to be missed although I imagine computer technology somehow shows my name first.

O K,,here's what's  new and continuing. Mom now 94 years old, moved in with us in Feb. 2011 after  being kicked out of her apartment for flooding the second floor.  With a fair amount of damage.  She left water on in bathroom with stopper in sink and went to bed.  The next morning the maintenance fellow had to let himself in.  Mom could not hear the banging on the door.  All Mom had to say was "I didn't do it, my teeth are in the kitchen"..  I should have had some sort of sense then however,,,,,we moved Mom in with us bed bugs and all.. Which I didn't know at the time. 

After spending much money and trying everything I read on internet, I came to my senses and hired an exterminating company and we had not had one little rascal since April 2011..  oh and Mom got a bill also for exterminating her old apartment.

I've had to quit work Dec 2012 to care full time for Mom due to her dementia.  I also had health issues with arthritis and scoliosis so this has been no picnic.  I can't even get private time in the bathroom .
With that said Mom is needing me now and I must go.  hope to be back asap  Mary E. 

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'daughter'(beth) wrote:
remember Baked Alaska?

Whooooeeee ! She had a doozie of a situation.

Georgia did come back and posted about the show, and when it was airing. I think some folks here caught it. If I recall correctly, per usual, she and her husband got some flack from viewers of the show. It just goes to prove, no good deed goes unpunished (or unappreciated).
as has been proved time and time again.

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