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My situation is a little different than most of the commenters on this site.  My issue is in regards to supporting my brother and receiving no financial help from my sister.  My brother has a myriad of health and behavior issues.  He lived with my family and I for the past ten years after our mother died.  He worked and contributed to the household but basically we supported him.  Recently he had heart bypass surgery and was forced to retire.  He is now living with me in AZ.  My wife and I recently separated and are divorcing.  Needless to say his living with us put undue stress on our marriage in addition to my mother -in-law.   He has a very small retirement and contributes very little to the bills etc.  I have asked my sister for financial help or to allow him to move in with her and her husband.  She has refused.  The financial strain is tough and so is the ability for me to meet someone and begin a new relationship with my current responsibilities.  I have no desire to speak to her or her husband and will not unless she steps up and helps out.  I also am wondering if there is a way for me to sue my sister and recover some of the money I have spent to support my brother over the years.  Appreciate your responses! 
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