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I need to vent and honestly I need help. I’m twenty years and my mother in law is sent from Hell. Literally everything I do is wrong and she’s always tried to make me the problem for the past year. She’s literally just a psychopath who has to be in control of everything. For the past year she forced me to stay in her house and be emotionally abused by her and her husband. Every time I tried to leave because of an argument with my husband( her son) she’d threaten me with things, “You won’t be allowed back here or to see my son.”

That’s how the past year has gone. Shes sent me nasty text messages telling she prays her son leaves me and that she has a say in our marriage. She’s thrown my shoes and things and never bothered to compensate me for the cost of getting new ones or even bothered to say sorry or replace them. She doesn’t talk to me when she’s around my husband and I she talks to him and him only. And then my husband and I moved out earlier this month, and everything was going great. We found the house because of her and husband. They rent out the warehouse in the back from our land-lord. I don’t have a problem with their business being there and I didn’t before either. But now that we’ve been living in the house she comes over uninvited, ignores me in my own house and disrespects me.

She asked me to make a sign for her bussiness and I did, I sent her a picture before it was finished and asked who’s number she wanted on the sign, her’s or her husbands. She ignored me. This past Saturday they rented out the warehouse in the back and there was a ton of people and they cops got called because of noise complaints. When I went outside and asked my husband why the cops were here, he decided he was gonna treat me like crap.

I confronted him and his mom, she had the nerve to say she doesn’t understand English and it’s not her fault if her son doesn’t tell me things (about the sign she asked me to make for her). She thought she was real smug and untouchable at that moment until I shut her down. I spoke to her in Spanish and said “I speak Spanish and understand it. If you ask someone to do something for you then you need to communicate with them, not through other people.”

That’s when she grabbed me. I told her not touch and after that she and her husband had the nerve to come into my house and treat me like gum on the bottom of their shoes. My husband didn’t do anything about his mom being a pyshcopath he just told me that what happened outside with the cops is none of my business. First of all they’re in my driveway and my back yard. It is my business. Her and her husband kept telling me if I don’t like then I should leave. Literally trying to kick me out of my own house. And the next morning she sent me another really disgusting message.

Monster-in-law : last night was very bad things did not come out as we think we talked with my son the condisiones so that you grab the house and you got it but since you changed your opion I want you to find a place where you are better and I am up to the mother as you treat me son but he wants these with you that is his problem on my part I do not want you to be aserques ami not to scream at the time that you want agradesida estubiera how long you were in my house without paying anything the truth I am asking God to make my son moves away from you

My response: And I’m praying you open a page in the Bible to find that not only does God not believe in divorce but that he wants us work our problems out. I am sorry your so unhappy that I’m not scared to stand up for myself. I lived in your house because you wouldn’t let me leave, but I did everything for you and leo. I watched your kids, took your mother to doctors appointments and more. I even picked your kids up from school and dropped them off at school. So now that we have our own house, I don’t have a problem with your business being there, I never have and never will, but you didn’t do anything you said your we’re going. I pay rent, bills and fill our fridge with food just like any adult. You don’t do any of that for us, so please don’t feel as though you have a say in our relationship either. You and I can talk more about this later. I’m also very sorry you pray for such horrible things instead of saying a prayer to help you see where you have gone wrong as well instead of praying for two people to fall apart just so you can be happy.

I’m tired of her trying to control me and everything in my life. My husband realized in the morning that he was wrong. Him and I are still working out our problems with everything that happened recently. Its really pisses his mom off that he always chooses me over her, that’s because unlike her I don’t force him to choose between me and his family. It’s not the first time she and her mom have tried to control our relationship and break it up. At least my husbands grandma (his moms mom) learned the first time that she has no say in it. I plan to keep the messages and everything documented Incase she does it again and then I’ll press charges.
What do I do ?
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