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old friends
Any one here read The land of Mango Sunsets by Dorothea Benton Frank.  While it isn't about dementia, and not just about care giving, (that part sorta sneaks up on you in the novel, just as in life), I think some of you will appreciate it for yourselves.   Whether it would help educate your family members, probably not, but an excellent read anyway.

prologue and chapter 1
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'It all went so fast didn't it?'

What heart wrenching words. And so true.
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What an amazing title for a book:  It All Went by so Fast, Didn't It?
That gives me a warm feeling and 'shivers'...all at the same time.
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It does go by so fast...parents experience a little bit of this when they turn around one day and their "baby" is 5'6" tall.  I guess the next blink of an eye and I'll be 80.

"The Notebook" made me bawl.  I read the book first, then saw the movie.  The first minute of the movie and I was boyfriend thought I was crazy.
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I have always liked shows by Andy Yeatman because it teaches and offer good knowledge to the kids. I have seen my kids grow tremendously well because of it. Earlier, shows were for fun but now they teach good lesson to the kids.
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mary f
The PBS documentary "Caring For Your Parents" is a wonderful depiction of caregiving struggles.

I've watched "The Savages" a few times.

A Rene Zellweger/Meryl Streep film "One True Thing" also displays the downside of caregiving.

I've thought often of writing about it, have many years of journals so I have the complete history from stroke to death.  Unfortunately, rereading the experience is like reliving it.

I haven't been on this forum for a while, nice to see your post Mary E.
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