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Here's da rules folks:
  • The Golden Rule applies. Nuf' Said! [This is NOT a religious comment]
  • EVERYONE's opinion is to be respected, even if you totally disagree. Simply agree to disagree. In other words, no hittin' people up a'side the head til they see the light.
  • No posts are allowed that are belittling, derogatory, defamatory, degrading, demeaning, deprecatory, disdainful, dishonoring, disparaging, disruptive, divisive, fault-finding, humiliating, injurious, malevolent, malicious, maligning, minimizing, reproachful, sanctimonious, sarcastic, scornful, slanderous, slighting, spiteful, vengeful, vilifying, etc. You git the point.
  • No name callin'
  • No throwin' things
  • No ads allowed [except mine]
  • No spittin' on the sidewalk
  • Keep the cussin' to a minimum
  • In polite company, religion and politics are NOT discussed
  • Bigotry is NOT allowed under any circumstances
  • No trolls allowed
  • No spam allowed
We reserve the right to remove any material posted on this board for any reason, or for no reason at all, at our sole discretion, and without explanation. This includes material that we consider to be disruptive, abusive, offensive, illegal, vulgar, tasteless, or pornographic; or any other material. We further reserve the right to permanently ban anyone from further participation on this board for any reason, or for no reason at all, at our sole discretion, and without explanation.

Otherwise, feel free to talk about any topic, from health to humor, anything and everything, including narcissism.
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Thanks Mike...

These look easy enough to follow.

Again, thanks for all you do for all of us....paying for this site and maintaining it for so many who need a place for support.

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Thank you, Mike. Good manners are all we really need here, as you pointed out.

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Looks good to me!
Thanks Mike for this board..... it has become a life-saver to me.  God bless you.
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Mike Gamble !!!  Now you've gone and dun it !!!  @#%$&  Rules !!!!   Whadd'ya mean no spittin' and minimum cussin'...?
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        Yes, Mike dun did it...and it's good!
This website is the best there ever was, and I'm very thankful for it, and the wonderful people here who give good advice because they've been there, done that, and they "get it" about care giving.
        Mike, Thank You for caring enough for us all, by having created such a good helpful site....You're the best.
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Julia B.
Thank you, Thank are very appreciated here, Mike!! Of course, the "no cussing" rule may affect Redneck most of all....LOL!!!
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You spelled 'git' right purdy, there, Mike.  A Suthrn gurl like me couldn't a dun it better. 
A plate o' chitlins and some corn bread for ya, sure nuff.
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Nice place you have here, Mike!  I'm more than happy to abide by your new and improved rules.   Thank you.

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Mary E.

Good rules, Mike - great rules, actually..  I hope I didn't disobey any before they were written.  I kept thinking JAH just needed to realize what she'd said, because I didn't think she'd honestly meant to hurt anyone..

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Hey Redneck, Mike only said no spittin' on the SIDEWALK. Sounds like a big ole loophole to me! We don't even have dad blamed sidewalks on my street.

Thanks again, Mike. 

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Thanks, Mike.

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Thank you Mike. I'm sorry it was necessary but we appreciate you and this charitable board.

Common sense gets lost at times. If you don't like a topic, don't read the posts and don't comment if you can't be constructive.

Easy, peasy.

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Thanks Mike! 

This site has been a lifesaver for me...

Good to have the 'rules' set out in plain black and white.  Most of us don't really need to be reminded but it's good to have it said anyway.


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as long as we can spit on the grass, all the rules are pleasantly easy to follow.
Mike, blessings for your kindness, generosity and humor
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