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you're the bestest! so is this message board.

hey, at least minimum cussin is allowed, lol. Love it.

from henceforth I make a solemn promise to obey all the damn rules such as stated above. Lol.

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Farm Gal
What?!?!  No sarcasm???  Are you trying to put a gag on me, Mike? 
Thanks for taking the time to soothe all the ruffled feathers, once again.  Now we'll try to behave ourselves and play nice for a while.  You're the best, Mike!
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I still am smarting about the newest[and improved-est] Rules...particularly this one:

Keep the cussin' to a minimum

I was up all night searching for a loophole.  So here we go...

"minimum" defined: 
Of, consisting of, or representing the lowest possible amount or degree permissible or attainable.

The lovely "OR" between the words permissible and attainable.
Now the other rules, even no spittin'...I am able to flaunt under -Mike's-radar...but cussin' isn't fun at all unless it's shared with one and all.
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I found a loophole!!!

Snarkiness isn't on the list!!  

Guess I'm safe...


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Instead of cussin', my daddy used to use words like

"son of a biscuit eater"
"jiminy christmas"
"holy moley"

It was cute when I think back on it.

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goodwillgal - MollyTx
thanks for bringing the thought of my loving DF to mind,,,,
my DaD was not a curser either, nor am i,
some of his saying were (as mine are) .........................
blessings for bringing thougts of love
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Molly-Tx (for Goodwillgal
Thanks to you too...for a smile.
(Sorry I have not been able to write much on the board...but
one day...I will tell the story.....)

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Thank you Mike for a great set of wouldn't it be nice if our 'n' parents behaved in such a respectful way towards us !

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Thank you to Mike Gamble.

We proper Bostonians are know to use the following expletives:

Go to Hades
A horse's petuty
My Derriere
My Posterior
Gad zooks
Not for all the bleeping tea in China

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Carrie Anne in Ma.

Thanks Mike.... This message board has saved my sanity at times.  

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Thank you Mike.
I remember a couple of months ago when I thought I was 'banned' and I was in serious withdrawal.
Luckily, Redneck jumped in on my behalf and the problem was a technical one, not something stupid I had said.  (I do know that I have a big mouth sometimes, but I am way less judgemental now than I was in the beginning.)
I know that my problems are slight compared to so many, but I am learning to be more tolerant of others, and THAT may be someone who is a "co-singer", or "co-worker", or just "co-liver" (eeeeeeeewwwwwwww)
 as in someone who is just getting up in the morning, as we all are, and living.
I am very priveleged to be allowed to be here, and I am learning so much about the others on the road to where we are going.
Thank you so much for letting me continue to be here, even though most of the time I am silly, or non supportive, but just venting.
yours in gratitude,
~ k ~
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DamP & ShiP!  I missed most of the firetrucking (hint, save the first and last 7 letters and get rid of the middle) drama.  And that's no Bull ShiP.  I am, however, most pleased to see that this  icon has not been sent to Siberia.  Creativity people.  Gotta love it.
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Derby Dawg

Thank you, Mike.

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Thanks for all you do. This is a great board.

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For the benefit of people who are especially dense, the rules in the first post at the beginning of this thread have been enhanced.

Second, arrogance, i.e., the offensive display of superiority or self-importance, has no place on this board. This attitude is never constructive. So, if your mission is to "change the world" by convincing others to "understand and accept" your self-righteous opinions, go somewhere else.

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