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Tired Daughter
Thanks for everything, Mike.  You have offered really great advice.  This board is wonderful.  It is a great anonymous place to vent, and the people here are so helpful.
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For the benefit of people who are especially dense, the rules in the first post at the beginning of this thread have been enhanced.

Second, arrogance, i.e., the offensive display of superiority or self-importance, has no place on this board. This attitude is never constructive. So, if your mission is to "change the world" by convincing others to "understand and accept" your self-righteous opinions, go somewhere else.
-Mike Gamble

It seems to me, that about once a month, a "new poster?" will come here and question Mr. Gamble's judgment on deleting post/threads and banning posters.

Maybe it is a misunderstanding of Mike's rules that can be solved by a simple explanation of discerning the difference of opinions vs. opinionated.  ie "This is only my opinion that may not apply to your situation" vs. "This is my opinion why you are wrong and should think like me."

Too many years ago I read about dealing with extreme views in politics.  There was a phenomenon where certain people with extreme views would refuse to accept any other opinions or views, even when they were proved with evidence that they were wrong, they continued to repeat their view as if it was an endurance trial, that who ever could filibuster the longest wins.  I wish I could remember what they called

The last thing any one of the wonderful people on this board wants is to hurt feelings.  They come here to give and receive support.  Not to divide and concur.   The good people here have empathy for others.  They also have filters put in place to read a different thread if it does not apply to them or they may not feel comfortable with.

This is the Greatest Message Board on the internet because Mike Gamble uses his knowledge and instincts to keep us safe.  Thank you, Mr. Gamble.

The above statements are my opinions from my experience here and may have nothing to do with your experience.  But thank you for the opportunity to have a voice. 

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Rachel B.

I know a number of people (not on this board, tho) who think if they continue to talk until the person with an opposing view just gives up & stops talking, they believe the other person has come around to their way of thinking!  They just CAN'T "get it", no matter how many times this happens.  It's foreign to me, but perhaps a bit of an explanation...

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I know a number of people (not on this board, tho) who think if they continue to talk until the person with an opposing view just gives up & stops talking, they believe the other person has come around to their way of thinking! - Rachel B

Hey Rachel, I didn't know you'd met my mom! lol

Actually my mother is a rather good example of this kind of frozen stubborn mindset. She believes it is her sacred charge to rescue the misbehaving misinformed people in the world who don't think and live as she does. It is her conviction that she is being "helpful" by flexing her moral superiority muscles. Seriously. Like the Blues Brothers, she believes she is on a 'Mission from God.' 

But there's a rather unpleasant little truth behind all that 'concerned' counseling. Let's say that every person mother encountered did indeed think and live precisely the same way she does ... would she be happy? Nope. She gets a major charge out of lecturing and reforming her naughty inferiors. Some people just do.

To my way of thinking (and guess what -- I'm OK with it if you don't agree!) ... the main reason these 'new posters' keep coming around to campaign for the reinstatement of posters who have worn out their welcome with Mr. Gamble is that this is a ripe hunting ground for the self righteous exactly because a wide spectrum of opinions is allowed and encouraged. Some folks aren't happy participating in a support group with like minded people because they require an 'enemy' -- they get emotional stimulation from starting fights and beating others down with their point of view. People like this thrive on conflict and aren't happy unless they have someone to pick on ... and we have a tasty selection of potential victims on this board for them to flay and shame.

I do think there is an additional more sympathetic reason. The people on this board often become friends and we miss our friends when they're gone. That is sad and because of that I wish there was never ever a reason for Mr. Gamble to have to usher anyone off this board. But I understand that when someone just cannot restrain themselves from constantly biting and pinching the other kids on the playground, there's little choice. 

Like I said, my opinion.

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Thanks so much for giving people like me the opportunity to air their grievances. 
I feel like I've spammed the board with the first thread that I started, which even evolved into another life-long frustration regarding an experience I had with the music people.
I can't tell you how much it helped to get my grief and anger out. The responses I got have helped me so much. 
I'm sure you save me a big couch fee!  
Thanks again!
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I may have to print up these rules and post them wherever my family gathers!

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I just found this site and would certainly like to say THANK YOU FOR IT ...and I would fer sure follow any and all rules ....I've spent all of about 30 minutes here thus far and it feels really good .....because there are rules I'm sure.
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Thank you so much mike!
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