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Reply with quote  #106 
Just an update.
The latest letter that came from "Somewhere Across the Sea"  had on the back of it, written "Buzzy is SO jealous of our new Boom Box."
I want to know how she knows that the rodent is jealous of the boom box, what was it he heard.
Maybe "Rockin' Robin" by whoever it was..

"  Northen Italian Rodent goes beserk."
Lago Maggiore...
He said his "mom" was listening to some 20 year old tapes on her old "boom box, and became extremely envious of the attention she was paying to the music.  The mucus, ah, music, is way older that he is, as his "mom" has basically no modern conveniences."
  Oh well, run away, take not much with you.
Or is that mucis?  Ooooopppppppppppssss, maybe mucus.
ah, music.....
Whatever.  He was somehow "put out" by the attention paid to the radio.
You will have to stay tuned, as the next installment is forthcoming.  I don't have a clue as to when, but I think I will print all of this, and maye try to make a buck off it.
Just how in the blazes do you know if a SQUIRREL is jealous?
Stops being interested in the large gelatious bosom and wants to start partying down in the streets on Rome?  Gives up the Alps for the Coloseum?
It is all beyond me.  But, I am getting such a kick out of my whacky sister.
Who EVER knew she could be so interesting? 
The older she gets, the more she's worth.  As far as weird goes, at least.

  ~ k ~
Reply with quote  #107 

Squirrel is probably pouting.With it's squirrely lips.

Reply with quote  #108 
hey rosie,
are you up too late or am I up too early?
squirrel lips.
I don't have a clue what they're about.
Their HANDS, tho, and their nails.  Horrors.
"Yes mommy, can I soothe you?" 
"Fowl" lips are prettier, I am sure.
Ever heard "do chickens have lips?"
Just got a nice e-mail from some lovely folks we met.  They're in Brisbane.  Is that near you?
Take care.
~ k ~
Reply with quote  #109 
Yes, kolleen, I am in Brisbane. It is 12.40 and I have just had lunch. No squirrels here,LOL! Plenty of possums though but they are cute and when there's a new baby one it's always exciting.We hand-feed them.
Fancy you knowing some Brisbane folks though, small world!
Farm Gal
Reply with quote  #110 
OH NO ROSIE!!!!  Pet possums are even worse than pet squirrels!  They have nasty little pointed teeth and their tails aren't even fluffy!  Quick, start a new thread "Possum Pancakes Anyone?" 
Do they run free and happy around your house?  Need any towels?  kolleens DH might sell you some for $10 each plus shipping.
Reply with quote  #111 
Rosie has cute possums on her Continent! The possums from down under are not as hideous looking as our familiar arboreal herbivorous marsupials!
You can tell if a squirrel is jealous by their attitude! They stomp out of the room, slamming the door behind them, refusing to talk for the rest of the day! Sometimes, they will even pack their bags and move out of the house!
Geeze, Kolleen! Are you absolutely sure that your sister is playing with a full deck of cards? 
Reply with quote  #112 
Ha Ha you guys,
No, ~ok~ I am sure she is NOT playing with a full deck of cards.  Hasn't been for a long time now.
rosie, you're right.  It is a small world.
What does a "wombat" look like, and would they make tasty waffles?    I think possums are cute, IN THE TREES......guess I'll Google "wombat".
have a great day, all.
~ k ~

Farm Gal
Reply with quote  #113 
Are you for real ~ok~?  A different breed of possum Down Under?  I'll have to look that up.  Now, a baby kangaroo - THAT would be cute.  Something I would bottle feed!  (Til it grew up and kicked the snot out me, undoubtedly.)
I had a friend with a wildlife rescue license years ago.  She had taken in an orphaned, injurred (sp?) baby possum which she could never release to the wild since it hadn't learned survival skills.  Kept it in a cage in her back yard.  She thought Daisy was lovely.  I thought she was a bit cracked (and I sure wasn't putting MY hand in there to feed Daisy), but there's no accounting for taste!  I'm an animal lover, too, and who's to say what I might take in if it presented itself, helpless, to me?
kolleen, do ya think maybe the squirrels stole a few of the cards from sister's deck?  Shredded them and lined their nest, maybe?
Reply with quote  #114 

Yeah, Farm Gal.
Aussies have several species of possums, I not sure of exactly how many though. The Australian continent has more marsupials (pouched critters) than any other continent.
Our own North American opossum has 50 teeth, more than any other North American mammal and a nasty disposition. I knew I'd get some learnin' watchin' the Animal Planet!

Disclaimer: If I offended anyone who is a die hard, opossum lover, by stating that the opossum had a "nasty disposition", that is only my own opinion, and my opinion only! 
I've met a few opossums, up close and personal in my life, one who chased me into the house, despite the fact that I had a broom in my hand and took a swat at it!  Please don't throw rocks at me, PETA people! I was defending myself and would not hurt a hair on any outraged opossum!
I've raised several baby grey squirrels in my life and I always set them free, when they were weaned and ready, as the creator meant them to be.

I've not cradled one squirrel in my more than ample bosom or sucked snot from it's sinus cavities and when and if I ever do, I will probably be wearing one of my sainted mommy's straight jackets!


Reply with quote  #115 
You will not believe this, but today when DH and I were going through old Christmas cards and e-mails, we found an actual PHOTOGRAPH of the "rodent pies."
Now when DH can scan them, I will post them and y'all can use them for dart practice.  Live and in person.
How cool is that???
Heck, what better to do while waiting for a storm.  We LOAO when we saw them.
They are cute....and most likely have no idea that their "mommie" is such a Whacko.

~ k ~
Farm Gal (for kolleen)
Reply with quote  #116 
Hi kolleen!  Just wanted to let you know I finally made the Spanokopita tonight.  That one is destined to become a family favorite!!!  Even Mom, who just picks at her food more than actually eating it these days, ate an entire 'pie' herself and cleaned her plate.    Thanks for the recipe!  I did use 4 sheets of phyllo per roll (which, of course, doubled the butter) and that seemed just right to us.  Oh, and I used frozen spinach 'cuz I hate canned vegetables. 
So much for the low-cholesterol diet today .  I'll be good tomorrow.
Reply with quote  #117 
Yes, FarmGal - our possums here are really sweet, everyone loves them even when they are running across your roof in hobnailed boots....we have two kinds where I live, the brushtail and the ringtail.


Thats the brushtail on the left, ringtail on the right. They have beautiful manners when you feed them, never snatch, they just delicately reach out and take the food.

rosie(for kolleen)
Reply with quote  #118 
kolleen   - wombats are cute too, they are built, as we say here, "like a brick sh#thouse", very solid - I was at an animal wildlife refuge once and one ran right into me, knocked me clear over!
Here's a grownup wombat and a baby one -


Farm Gal
Reply with quote  #119 
Oh, rosie, they are ADORABLE!  North American possums are such horrid little creatures.  I can see how you could become quite attached to these little darlings.  I just want to snatch them right out of the picture and cuddle them!  That one on the left even looks, in shape, a lot like a chubby kitty.
Thanks for the pics!
Farm Gal
Reply with quote  #120 
Awwwww.  The wombats are precious, too!  Now I'm really getting jealous.  A friend of mine is taking a trip to Australia in a couple of weeks.  She had asked me to come with her, but I can't, so I get to keep her dog while she's gone .  I'm gonna ask her to smuggle some cute little Aussie critters back for me in return. 

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