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oh gosh Kolleen. That made me cringe, reading about your poor kitty.

Did you eventually have her put to sleep? I don't know if I could let an animal live like that, with those problems, no matter how much I loved them and would miss them. I don't know if I could put them through that for very long. Poor little cat. I am glad she is at peace now.

I think the title 'squirrel stew' of this thread, is what got everyone on the squirrel joke tangent. Perhaps the title should have been 'clueless squirrelly nutjob sister' or something like that!
Your story is unique. No doubt about it.
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Hi Beth,
Kitty was 17, had some kidney failure, and on top of that, the thyroid problem.  She was on meds for just a very short time, and yes, the Dr. came out to the house to put her to sleep.  I held her on my lap while she left me.  I had given her a pill, about an hour before the Dr. came.  He gave it to was a strong tranquilizer.
She was already stressed from the illness, and that's why we figured she didn't need the added stress of rodents in the house.  They would not have been near her, but she would have sensed them, I am sure.  I just can't believe that SS AND MOM, would be so insensitive to our request.  It sure made the living situation a living he l l for a long time. 
She was a sweet kitty......always gentle and loving.  She is still listed at Rainbow Bridge.  Our other kitty, too. 
~ k ~
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With sincere apologies and THANKS to Mike, I just had to bump this up again.
I just needed the laughs and I think others might, also.
Mike, if I am out of line, I will be gladly chastised.  But.......there are for sure a lot of people out there now who NEED this can of "whoop a$$" I think.
Thank you for your patience........and your patience....

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SS is now back in the states,  secure and happy with bunnies.  We are now on good terms again.  Hard times last longer than we would like, but with age and love and remembering the good times, we can get on with things.  We don't talk about that at all anymore, nor did she, or the Big sister, nor anyone else, ever ask what we did with Mom's ashes, after she passed in January, 2013. I have always wondered why her other daughters weren't the least bit curious.   I still miss her and he phone calls, and like to think she knows up there in Heaven, that things here are going well, and she can rest easy.   I had to read this all again today as my son is now in peril and he needs a message board where he can be anonymous and share laughter and tears, and know he is safe to do that.  I wish you all God speed who are here now.  This, too, shall pass.   I love you all and will continue to pray for you.  Our new adopted kitties love watching the squirrels on the new huge tv.   All is well.  <3
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So happy to hear that you are doing well.  And thank you for the reminder that all the hard times will eventually pass.  

Take care!
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