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michelle with nmom
Hey Kolleen:

Glad you liked it.
I found it on photobucket - - put squirrels in search (not one squirrel - I couldn't find it when I did that) and it was on page 4 - its posted by

Yes, wouldn't it have been nice if know-it-all sis had sent a gift certificate for ALL of you to go to lunch at outback - considering what gas costs these days, just getting her there and back is enough of a contribution!!!!

michelle with nmom
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Well, here's some good recipes for squirrel stew and other variations.  If these don't fit the bill, there are other sites.
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I totally agree with just ignoring them...that is what is working for us...

Although, they tried to start some major Mother's Day drama....
Called a brother wailing,, called my mom, etc etc.....

They are just TOXIC PEOPLE who do nothing to help.
When the parents die, they will be the ones hanging on the coffin.

Best of luck....enjoy the dinner...and don't give them any energy.

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I am sorry that I misunderstood your squirrel stew story. Either way, both sisters consider you to be an 'only child'. Expect little from them and you will never be disappointed.
Why not just tell your Google happy sister that your mom loves Outback and she'd love to have a gift certificate to eat there!
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thanks so much.  Got it.  YAY.
not to worry.  I know the whole thing IS laughable.  No problem.  I know everyone here is always supportive.
thanks for the recipes.  I should print some out and mail 'em to Italy.   The Cajun dude she used to married to was the one that brought the baby squirrels in the house in the first place.  I am sure that before they divorced, he wished he had either let them go, or cooked 'em up.
thanks, guys.
~ k ~
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Hi ~OK~,
Ya, I should.  Maybe I will.  But, like some say, it's not worth stirring the pot.
you are luckily an only child.  For sure it's not that you don't have more than your share of horror, though.  You doing okay?
~ k ~
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Hi Kolleen,
I am doing okay! Thanks for asking.
You're right though...I rather be an only child than have a useless sibling hanging around causing me more frustration and resentment.
I love to read about the people here who have helpful siblings, like Redneck and Rosie! I can't think of any others right now!
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I have SIX useful ones...and SIX not useful ones....

Right down the middle !

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Hi again, and hugs to you--I apologize if my light comments hurt you. That's the last thing I'd ever want.

Sometimes, when I'm the angriest, I say something flip, to keep myself from crawling into this computer and strangling that squirrel for you, and cooking it with a fine sauce. Over rice.

Hugs, Kolleen. I mean that.

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yuk yuk YUKKKK!!!!! squirrels are horrible and beyond disgusting OUTSIDE. get rid of the bushy tail and you have a rat, add wings and you've got a bat. anyone who would make pets of them is NUTS. this is your sister?!!??! i'm so sorry!
i know there's another point to the story..... but i got stuck here.....

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I've come in late on this one - so was your sister actually allowed to take her squirrels out of the country????? Did they have to go into quarantine? I can't imagine someone here in Australia being allowed to take, say, a wombat off to live with them in another country.Weird.
We have strict regulations here. You certainly would have a very hard time if you wanted to bring your pet squirrels to Australia and in fact I don't think you would be permitted to.
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I believe the Squirrels were smuggled out of the US and smuggled into Italy.  Am trying to think of the correct term for their status.....
Anyone know the Italian word for Squirrel?
Squirrels without a Country?
Illegal Alien Squirrels?
Bandit Squirrels?
Contraband Rodentia?
Small furry varmint hoping to marry an Italian Pigeon for a Green Card?
Maybe they could apply to the Squirrel Embassy in Italy for help?
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You guys are too wonderful.
olivia, hugs to you right back.  How are things going with you and samwise THIS week?  oh the problems you two are facing.
AS for the squirrels being allowed into Italy, I really have no idea.  She probably smuggled them in her rather ample, very gelatinous bosom.  Or the guys at customs were just LOOKING at her rather ample, gelatinous bosom and didn't pay any attention to anything else.  LOL.
Oh......don't gag on this, but the "boy" squirrel has constant sinus drainage, and since he's too small for a syringe, she sucks the snot.  NO lie.  I read it in one of her letters when mom was in the shower.
WEIRD???  Doesn't begin to describe her.
Love ya,
~ k ~
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OhDear to Kolleen

re the boy squirrels um... problem... I soooo wish I hadn't read that- I feel like I'm going to barf! eeeewww!  Am going to try very hard to not EVER think about THAT again.  Hasn't she heard of a nasal syringe?  I'll go buy one and mail it to her myself if she promises to never ever do THAT again!  I feel sooo queasy!

- Maybe squirrels can convert to Roman Catholicism
- join a monastery/ convent,
- do Good Works,
- throw themselves in front of a speeding car driven by a wannabe Racecar Driver (from what I read about driving in Italy it's everyone behind a steering wheel) and become RoadKill to save um.... THE POPE! yes that's it!! THE POPE from Certain Death.
- Pope declares Squirrels Martyrs, begins Sainthood process
- Rumors fly that if you touch the Holy Squirrel Tail you will NEVER get a speeding/traffic ticket again.
- Huge Crowds form to pray at site of Squirrel Martyrdom. 
- Italian Police clamor to work overtime shifts to keep order at Martyrdom Site since alarming drop in Police speeding ticket revenue
- Church of the Squirrel Martyrs Saint Rodentia and Saint Squirrelum built in record time from donations by now ticketfree drivers.
- Installation of Holy Squirrel Tail relics causes riots by anxious motorists desperate to avail themselves of HST powers.
- Church of the Squirrel Martyrs spread across Europe, especially in areas popular with the racing circuit!

-  and everyone was happy..... except Squirrel Sister......  The End.

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oh my!  ROTFPIMP!

My grandmother (a backwoods farm woman) loved squirrel meat.  She was a crack shot.  She'd grab the 22, go out to the woods, and come back with squirrel.  She'd chop and fry the meat, add it to gravy and serve over biscuits for breakfast.  It is actually pretty good.

On another note, if a squirrel had bitten my child I would have animal control there immediately to check for rabies.  I believe they may have gone ahead and destroyed the animals because they bit a human.
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