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snot in the pot,
snot as a thickener,
you guys are GROSSING ME OUT! lol. What a scream.
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I just re-read the whole thread, and it pretty much IS the whole story. 
So far, 'daughter' was right.  That WAS big sis' only contribution to mom's birthday.  Whatever it was she ordered for mom's present, is sure taking a long time being delivered!!!!
I love you guys!! 
~ k ~
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Squirrel folks,

Well, I was away for a few days.  Funny, on and off I thought of this post. Where was it headed?  Did it die?  What, on earth, was there to talk about next.  Hmmm, it was snot which I thought.?  LOL


Glad to hear about your musical performance.  Hope you keep at it. Sounds like a success. 
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~bump please~

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Farm Gal

Thank you, Redneck!!!!!!   Please excuse me while I get into 4 pages worth of reading now.

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You are so of now.  I am not taking any bets.
I asked mom today, (I was feeling frisky) if she had heard from anyone this week, and she said no, only Louise.
Then I asked if she had NOT heard from "UP North Sister" and she said no....
then I asked her if her BIRTHDAY PRESENT had come yet, and she said "What birthday present?"
I said "The one ________ told you she was waiting for."
SHe just said "*sigh*"
I have not had one e-mail from that stupid *turd* (I know I can say that 'cause OK
It's not been the best of days "mom-wise" but DH took the day  off, and it's been fun for the most part.
Save for his RICH, SPOILED and Cheap, and otherwise pain in my arse, wrote that she has to go to MACY'S,  to get her cosmetics.  She is 89 YO.  SUch a snob. 
Oh well, let her go on spending $4,300 a month to live where she does.
At least I don't have to see her everyday. 
But, she NEEDS to hear from DH every day, or she is UPSET.
She will spend all of her money, and I will STILL have her son.
Ha ha ha.
But she will have spent all the money her sister left to her. 
About $500,000.
Long live the old MIL.
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~OK~ [for Kolleen]

Hi Kolleen,


It seems that I can't see a darn squirrel these days, and not think of you!  




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Thanks, Kathy.
This is a cute picture.  BUt..........The poor kitty.  SOMEONE should be protecting it from the RODENT BEAST!!!
I can't stand to see them in the woods out behind our house.  They just look nasty to me.
Oh well.
How u doing?
~ k ~
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Hi Kolleen,
I am doing very well! Thank you for asking. Hope you are okay today too. Sending you a big hug and good thoughts, as always.
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Hi Kathy,
Glad you're doing well.
I am, too.
This morning mom and I went to the pool, and among other things, we were talking about birthdays.
I said it was hard to believe that my BABY son will be 40 years old in November.  She said that the generations were all mixed up, that our kids are the ages we're supposed to be, you know, like where did the time go?
She said that she had looked for a card for my daughter, who will be 43 later this month, but didn't see one she liked in Publix. I said, jokingly, why do you want to send her a card?  She didn't send you one, even though she called. She and my son were the only ones who did call, BTW.
 MOM said
"I don't keep track of those things......who sent a card to who..."  so I asked her right out who she got birthday cards (for her ninetieth) from?  She hemmed and hawed a bit, and I said, "me and DH, my friend R from church, DH's mother, and my cousin, and a guy who had a crush on her after my dad died.
  She said, "Also, from (SS) and (big sister.)  but she did NOT get a card from either one of them.  AND STILL NO PRESENT FROM BIG SIS. keep the peace, and to prevent me from having a heart pounding episode, I did NOT tell her that she didn't get cards from either of the other daughters.....
Just talked with DH and he said I should have told her that she didn't get a card from either of those two absolutely useless children.  WEll, not his words, but you get the drift.
We are a one car family now, so mom and I had to walk up the hill from the pool. 
(hitched a ride in the golf cart with the "jack-of-all-trades" guy who works here, on the way down.
 I brought a spray bottle of water so i could keep her "misted", and an umbrella so I could keep her "shaded" and a bottle of water for her to drink before the walk up the hill so I could keep her "hydrated", and I can't tell you how exasperated I was walking up the hill, and thinking that she thinks "Other" daughters are as caring as I am.  The heat index is 98* today. 
But........I am making spinach pie for dinner, and when DH gets home from work, we will go to the pool for a dip before dinner.
I haven't made it before, but I love it, and I am going to give it my BEST shot!!  Hope for the best.
<<hugs>> you strong woman, you.
~ k ~
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Hi Kolleen,
I think you did the right thing in not reminding your mom that BS and SS didn't send her a birthday card. She obviously wants to believe that they did!  At this date, to know they didn't care enough to remember and send a card, would just hurt her feelings.
Even though, you do all the work and all the caregiving, your mom loves all three of her girls. That's what a good mom does, she loves her children despite their faults and shortcomings. It's called unconditional love. No matter how little they do or little they care, your mom is still going to love them.
What would you accomplish at reminding your mom anyway? You'd just hurt her and get your own heart pounding and spike your BP and still your sisters would be selfish little twits! Your mom sounds 'with it' enough to know which daughter is caring for her. Somethings are just better left unsaid.
Of course, what do I know anyway? I have no siblings and I am still baffled by what I read here about sibling relationships!  I still want to believe that siblings help and share the burden in these kind of situations, but so far......only Redneck's family has given me hope. 
Hope the spinach pie turned out well! It is similar to a quiche with eggs and Parmesan cheese?
Oh yea, I know about the passing of time well. Somewhere along the way, my own baby girl turned 23 year old and it seems like only yesterday, she was sitting on my lap and I was reading to her.  Time has a way of slipping away, unnoticed.
Kolleen, we all care about you and love you!
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When I re-read my above message, I noticed that I said, Kelly was 23 years old! She just turned 22 years old on May 22nd! A mind also has a way of slipping away and it's a terrible thing!  (I'm glad that Kelly didn't see that mistake!) She already worries because I can't remember her, ever changing, college and work schedule!  I can't keep up with everything around here...but I do know that she is 22 years old...I think!
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Hi Kathy,
Ya, you're probably right.....I won't remind her. 
BUT...........even tho' I love my own children unconditionally,
if one of them was as Cra99y to the other one as my
two sisters have been to me, I would tell him/her that I was
NOT pleased, and that he/she should apologize.  MOM has
 ALWAYS looked the other way.  That's why they have always gotten away with what they have.  There is stuff about older sister that I can't even write about here.  If you would like to know what it is, e-mail me and I will tell you.
Yes, she knows who cares more, but she would DIE before she ever intimated as much.
Think of this.........if Kelly had a siblilng, would you not be upset if that sibling took advantage of, insulted, and whatever else?  Sure.  That's one of the things that has always made me the most angry with mom.  She won't take sides.  Like that thread on here "Choosing not to choose".
THAT'S how people lose rights.
"all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
BTW, the spinach pie was wonderful.
Not like's phylo dough.
It was easy and fun.  AND awesome.
Have a wonderful day. I am no off to do the hearing aid batteries, meds, shower, hair and whatever else needs to be done.
have a wonderful day.
~ k ~
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You're probably right, Kolleen,
I will tell you, it makes me really angry for Kelly to be treated crappy by anyone!  So, I do understand you being frustrated at mom for not acknowledging all you do for her. I do know that feeling, fer sure!
I will e-mail you!
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Hi Kathy,
got your e-mail.  Thanks.  I am happy to hear from you.
It's not that mom doesn't acknowledge what I do for her.  It's that she never seems to be upset about the awful things the sisters do.  THAT is what gets me the worst.
I don't want a medal for what I do, and have always done.  Is it okay if I e-mail you back? 
Here is how I made the Spinach Pie.  (Greek=Spanokopia)
2 cans spinach.....very well drained.
I used a food processor for
 12 oz. FETA cheese
4 eggs
dash of pepper
1/2 tsp dried basil
Process all together until smooth.  Stir in well drained spinach.
Phylo dough.....
melt one stick of butter.  Brush meted butter onto one sheet of dough at a time....I used a pastry brush.
Place dough on BUTTERED cookie sheet.  Repeat with four more sheets of dough, buttering each one.  Place them one on top of another.  Then put the spinach filling in as a "tube" so that you can roll up the dough with the filling inside.  Brush with MORE butter.
There are about 10 sheets in one of the 2 packets in the box.  I could have used more dough.  I only used two sheets, and DH said there should have been more. time, for sure.
Repeat until all filling is gone.  I got about 6 "pies", really more like manicotti shape.
Brush all with MORE butter.  Bake at 375 until dough is nice and golden brown.
About 45 minutes.
~ k ~
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