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I was online trying to find more information about water retention in the elderly and "weeping" on legs which my 88 year old mom is just now experiencing.  I so appreciated all your comments, and am glad I came across this site.  I plan on coming back again to post my thoughts since I am entering a time that I know I need more answers and support.  I am becoming very frustrated with the way the medical support is treating my mom, making her feel as if she is a bother with her many questions and concern.  After doing my own research on the "weeping" we contacted her doctor and prescribed antibiotics.  Fortunately, thanks to the online info, we were able to feel secure in taking these without wondering "why."  They seemed to have no more info for us except "take it." 
Growing old stinks.
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billie jo

pat. i am glad you are back. yes, growing old definitly stinks! i hope the antibiotics help your mom. is her doctor a geriatric specialist. they seem more able to understand the problems of the elders and have patience with their questions and concerns. old age is NOT a diagnosis!! hope to keep hearing from you. i'm sure in your journey you will have much to share with others. hang in there. a lot of people care.

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Mum went through a stage of this.. and developed some rather nasty foot ulcers that just wouldn't heal.

Alongside antiobiotic's the district health nurse started using Collodial Silver (the fabric) on the ulcers ... cleared them up in less than a week.

Now the ulcer bit may not apply to your situation however just to let you know Collodial silver is really good for all sorts of things.
You can get it in liquid form and it can be taken internally .. here we get it at the health food shop.

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Pat, my mom had swollen, weeping legs and feet.  They were discolored, almost purple with cracks. She has congestive heart failure (and has had it for years) and was retaining a lot of fluid.  The fluid not only collected in her feet and legs, but began to collect around her heart and lungs and she was having difficulty breathing.  Her cardiologist adjusted her diuretics and she's much better now.  Her legs and feet are no longer swollen, the cracks have healed and the discoloration has lessened.  I don't know if this is your mother's problem, but it might be.

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YES, YES!! Have experienced this, it is EDEMA. Fluid accumulates and then can leak from feet and legs,it looks alarming but is not really so.It is common in elders with heart or kidney complaints.You can get tablets to get rid of it.Dads ankles get really swollen but the meds stop that, so get the doctor to prescribe something.What dad uses is called Hygroton.

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My MIL has had this a few times. It is certainly creepy-looking! In her case, it's been a sign that her congestive heart failure is really acting up, and she's ended up hospitalized. Although I wouldn't panic, I imagine it's not always that serious.

So what is the reason they gave you for the antibiotics?
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Thank you for answers! I just stumbled upon this. My mother has congestive heart failure, diabetes, and kidney problems. She is 88 and get legs are huge and splitting. The nurse at her heart drs office told us to double up on her diuretics and also am extra potassium. It has helped in her body but hasn't helped her legs yet. It's so hard to convince someone with dimentia that we can't eat out every day. It's killing her.
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